Necky Arluk

Hello Fellow paddlers.

I am in the process of buying a 1988 Necky Arluk. Its in incredible condition. Its 19’ long and 22" wide. The person wants 1000$$. The problem is that i cant find any reviews on the kayak. Has anyone seen or heard of this kayak? It has a rudder, but no day hatch.

Thank you

There are reviews of four different Arluk models here on, are none of them relevant?

It’s been discussed here years past.

There’s a search function at the top right of the page.

try the “review” tab
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I paddled
one many years ago. Nice boat. Leans well, recovers well, and tracks ok (much better when loaded). Not a surf play boat, but fine for passage through surf. Lots of rocker fore and aft, so the short length on waterline can make it a bit erratic when unladen. Easy to roll because the bow doesn’t really allow the boat to completely capsize. Loves to stab waves rather than climb them (the bow is kind of a pointy thing that gains volume a bit far down the bow - a couple of feet, at least), so it can be a wet ride, but that is a lot of fun in kayaking.

The following review is for the 1.9 version, but many of the same comments apply.

I really wanted to buy this boat when it came out, but went for plastic since I couldn’t justify the expense at the time. Another boat I loved from the era was the early solstice (Current Designs boat - a very wet ride in the same design concept, but LOTS of fun to paddle and probably a tad better tracker when not loaded).


Day hatches are irrelevant
You don’t paddle a day hatch. If you’re in the process it sounds like you’ve already decided. If it’s in great shape that could be a decent price. My $.02 the Arluk III is a flawed design, looks sexy going out into waves but cork-screw/broaches easily down wave. That said for $1000 and a first composite kayak go for it.