anyone have experience with the necky eliza 15 foot?

i posted the tsunami question earlier. this sounds like a nice boat,

Necky Eliza

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I just bought one a couple weeks ago (used) but haven't paddled it yet, other than about 5 minutes in a pool to test it out. All the reviews I read (here and elsewhere) were positive so I went for it!

I am a short (5'2") female and was able to get it off my car on my own - it's not very heavy. Getting it up may be a different story, I think I'll need practice with that!

**Just saw your other post - I was set on a Tsunami 140 as well, but didn't find any used and with similar specs, I got a great deal on the Eliza**

the eliza
thanks for the info., it’s real hard to find used anything were i live, so i feel like i’m kinda locked int o buying new…i don’t just want to buy just because it’s in my budget, i want it to be the right boat. i have the pungo 120 and it’s about the same weight as the eliza, so loading shouldn’t be a problem.

have you spent much time in the eliza yet? what type of water are you using it on?