Necky Chatham 16 Polymer

i have paddled a necky looksha sport for over two years now, with great results.

i would like upgrade to a necky chatham 16 (polymer), and would like the feedback on the boat from anyone who has it.

i paddle lakes, some slow rivers, and about three times a year, venture into the sea for 3 to 4 day trips, averaging about 20 plus miles per day.

thank you.


How big are you?

chatham 16
i´m 6 feet tall, and weigh 170 pounds.


Gotta try on this boat
I tried the 16 comp and the seat hangers were painful. This was the first boat of it’s kind that I wouldn’t fit into… it had enough beam and height but a narrow seat…

good point,
how big are you??

I have
about a 36 waist…

LeeG had a 16 RM and he can give you a better idea…

You probably will fit.
At 215lb, I was too big for this boat, but I really liked how manoeverable it was. If you’re coming from a Looksha Sport you’ll appreciate this as the Looksha is very manoeverable. I simply weighed too much for the Chatham 16 and was pushing water like a coal barge, forget about the tight seat (which they’ve now made wider). If you find out that you are too big for this boat also, the good news is that Necky is coming out with the Chatham 17 this year in plastic and composite.----Rich

thanks for the feedback; i think i´ll be able to handle the 16. thing is i cannot try the boat, since i live in south america.

but the feedback i have received form people who have paddled the boat are in general positive.

people tell me that if i´m used to a looksha sport, which is a fabulous boat, i´ll have a blasy with the chatham 16.

thanks again.


Too bad you don’t live closer…
there is a guy on the ConnYak classifieds ( selling two for $800 apiece. He and his wife are moving back to Great Britian, I think. Maybe if you contact him you can figure out a way to ship one or both.—Rich


thanks, i´ll check the ad.