Necky Chatham 17 HIN/serial missing?

I just picked up a used Necky Chatham 17 poly from a local shop, one of their rentals they were selling. I decided to check what year it was made but I can’t seem to find the serial number / HID anywhere on it. I read the links at and says it’s supposed to be on the rear right but it’s nowhere to be found. I went over the whole kayak and there’s nothing. Any suggestions?


on the stern
usually molded into the plastic. I had to use a paper and lead pencil to shade the area, leaving the serial number to show up as the area not shaded, on a used plastic Necky I purchased. I think mine was on the left side, just below the ‘seam’

it was patched up and sold at a really low price! You think that may have been possible?

not on your Bill of Sale?

No visible patches, no receipt
I don’t think it was patched up, at least if it was they did a damn good job. All I see are minor scuffs and scratches, nothing crazy. I’ve tried running my finger all over the boat trying to feel some change and went over it with a flashlight. The bill of sale was just a simple receipt, nothing special about it. I’m not too worried, I love the boat but just wanted to know. Guess I can call them up and find out what year they got it.


The shop should have the #…
Just a lazy salesperson… If a busy shop they usually don’t keep the rentals/demos very long as the try to replace them before they get too trashed.

serial #
So will Necky tell you the year of you give em the #'s? I’ll have to check over my poly chatham 17 in the morning. I’m pretty sure the used one I got from craigslist was one of the earlier versions. It has the metal ratcheting mechanism for the back band over the thigh braces, which were then changed to plastic buckles, and now I see them behind the back band (new ones in the store). I’m not sure of what model year all these changes too place…

The last 2#s is the model year…

Got some responses
Contacted Necky and the local shop. The shop said it was an 06-07 model year. Necky said that “serial number is located approximately 6” from the stern on the starboard side of the boat … depending on the model year there might be a second serial number inside the cockpit area of the boat on the right hand side near where the warning label sticker is or under the warning label"

So I’ll try to check those areas again but I’m pretty sure I’ve checked there before. Oh well, I also wanted it in case it was lost/stolen but I guess I can scratch my own numbers in. :slight_smile: