Necky Chatham 17 or WS Tempest 170

Tried both these boats out this past weekend at the Pensacola Demo day.

What’s y’alls opinions of the strong or weak points of each boat?

Have a glass Chatham 17 on order. After demoing both the boats you mentioned on two seperate and very windy days I found the Chatham was much better in the wind, a snugger but very comfortable fit (5ft 10inch 215 Lbs) and it just felt great in all respects. The Tempest for me was harder to manage in the wind and though the seat is comfortable looking I found it much to high off the hull and could not get the comfortable but locked in feeling that the Chatham has.Try to paddle them both as many times as you can before you plunk down cash!

This is just my opion.