Necky Chatham 17 poly

I am looking to buy a Chatham 17, and was wondering if the storage is enough for 3-5 day trips. I will typically use it for day trips and play, but once a year I go on a 3-5 day trip and want to make sure the storage will suit. I will be going from a 12 foot rec boat, and feel that it has to be better that it. Any comments will be appreciated.

yes, it is enough
I’ve paddled for 5 days out of a Chatham 17, and although it’s tight and has got less volume than other boats, it’s got enough and you can do it. Think of it like a giant backpack–like a backpack that’s double the size. Can you camp for 5 days out of a backpack? Of course you can. It’s going to take some planning, that’s all. Worse case scenario: you get smaller gear or leave something at home.

Lots of room in front of the foot pegs…
Use it well…

unless you weigh 225lbs and need to carry five days worth of fresh water

thanks for the info
Haha, no I have a filtering system for my water and will only carry a gallon at a time. I’m 5’10" and 180lb, and all of my gear is backpack oriented. I’ve just been reading mixed reviews on how much gear it will hold. I don’t have a way of seeing/ test paddling one prior to purchase, so I’m trying to research as much as possible. I’ve been kayaking for 3 years and I am wanting shift over from recreational yaks to sea yaks.

should be plenty
It should be plenty of space. My girlfriend did 8 days out of a Chatham 16 (which we did have to carry water for, but we also did get to share some community gear).’

C17 does not as much space as some of the huge expedition boats, but still is plenty large for a few day trip.

“Where” as much as "what"
I think the trick to camping out of a low-volume beauty like the Chatham 17 is an equal measure of knowing WHAT to pack…and WHERE to pack it. The fine bow and stern spaces come to mind, as well as the previously mentioned space between the foot pegs and the forward bulkhead. Ultra light and compact backpacking gear should leave you ample space for food, water, clothes and a few other other necessities.

I had my sleeping bag ahead of
the foot pegs in a dry compression sack, and water behind the seat in MSR dromedary bags. Tent poles, and my tent stuffed in free on either side of the skeg, all the way back. The skeg box actually held it in place.