Necky Chatham 2007 Any Different?

Just wondering if anyone knew if the 2007 Necky Chatham will have any improvements or changes over the 2006 Chatham?

none that I know of
My girlfriend just bought a 2006 Chatham 16 (plastic). In all our research, we never found any information talking about how the 2007 would be different than 2006.

my 2005 came with
a layer of dust

Anyone see the 2007 line of Chathams in stores yet?

I have not
All I know is that Alder Creek has the 2006’s on sale (15% off).

Does that mean changes? Or just trying to clear the floor of stock? NDK’s and Valley back at AC. (Sure wish I had an extra $2,500 laying around. I’d take at least one off their hands.)

anyone yet?
Anyone seen the 2007 models yet? None of the stores around me have them. Thanks.