Necky Chatham Layup?

I was wondering if anyone out there knew if there was a significant difference in the fiberglass layup of the Necky Chatham series that were manufactured in the US in 2007 versus the new models which are now manufactured overseas? Are the newer boats lighter/stronger, etc?

I think Salty might know.

Same for the poly
Are the newer poly hulls any different? I have already noticed the newer chathams have different footpegs/sliders and different seat/backbands.

I do
Don’t touch one that was made at the Old Town factory in Maine. Unless you get a great deal and don’t mind going over it. Some were just horrible garbage… A damn shame.

The boats built in Thailand (Cobra)are excellent. Over-built really, but sick strong. Epoxy, glass, soric construction. Stiff, impact resistant, superb seam.

Just great boats.

I’d be really surprised if they are an epoxy layup. It would nearly double the cost.

Bill H.

not necessarily
I’m guessing epoxy costs twice as much as vinylester but the resin isn’t 100% cost of the hull given glass,core materials, labor and hardward.

for the info Salty. It seems to be a good deal on the price (It’s a new 2007 model still in bubble wrap). What are the things I should look for on the construction to make sure it’s not one of the bad ones?

Does Necky generally do a good job holding up to their warranty regarding manufacturing defects?

Thanks again.

I had a problem
with a leaky hatch and Necky was great about fixing it

It is Epoxy on the Cobra built glass.
There are NO shortcuts on these boats. Necky went from shitty to world class with that transition.

It’s an Old Town boat
They did go through and re-work some of these, so depending on price it may be OK. My guess is at the blow out prices they are as is. I don’t know that for sure, but the company is in a major transition, which looks good long term. I think there’s major positive things going on at JOI soon. But these OT boats are an example of why that change needed to happen.

Look at the hatch bonds, bulkhead bonds, seam for leaks, end tubes for leaks etc. Fill up the compartments with water and look for leaks. Also check the bond on the cockpit ring. Some were fair, others were a joke. Have a candid chat with the dealer about “what if’s”.

Me, I’d go buy a Cobra built Chatham for whatever extra cost. Absolutely superior product that you will enjoy for years. Order it from the same dealer!

I think they are under priced for their quality!!

Thanks again. I sincerely appreciate your advice. I plan to take another look at the boat this week.

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