Necky Chatham17 RM vs Valley Aquanaut RM

I am considering the purchase of a RM kayak. I have narrowed it down to the Chatham 17 RM and the Aquanaut RM. Any feedback would be appreciated regarding the pros and cons of each kayak.

I haven’t paddled the Valley Aquanaut RM
so I can’t speak to that. But I love my RM Chatham 17. It’s as slow as a pig, and a little goofy handling, and absolutely minimal freeboard in back, but man is is stable in the big stuff! The promotional literature should read: “An excellent photography or fishing platform in 3-5 foot seas.” Just TRY to capsize it! :^)

(Rolls like a demon too)

I have paddled both boats
and the aquanaut gets a slight nod over the chatham. This may be persona preference but I find the aquanaut a bit better in the proformance category and I it has much better construction.

I purchased the Aquanaut RM in

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the low volume variety in April 2006. Here is my review:

I rated it in August but I enjoy it much more now than I did when I reviewed it (and I enjoyed it then). It seems I continue to learn nuances about this boat as time progresses such as handling it in different conditions. I have paddled it for 300-400 miles this year.

I highly recommend it but I have no basis of comparison to the Chatham which was not on my list prior to purchase.

Good luck in your decision.

Chatham 17 vs Aquanaut RM
Thanks for the feedback! I purchased a 2005 Aquanaut RM from Kayak Centre in Rhode Island. Great folks to do buisness with!

Congradulations best of luck
with your Valley Aquanaut I think you will love it!!

Congrats mphelps
I’m sure you will enjoy it.

I had mine out for a two hour paddle today- can’t believe there’s liquid water January 6 in the Chicago area.

Please post your impressions once you’ve had some time with it.

Chatham 17

I read you comment about the Chatham 17 “slow as a pig”, and I have a question. I’m moving up from a Manitou 14 and was thinking of the Chatham 17. One of the things I thought I’d be getting was a faster(everything’s relative)boat. Are there fast boats(not race boats)that you could recomend for me to look into. Thanks, Kevin