Necky Comfort fit thigh braces

I’m looking to add thigh braces to my Avocet RM boat - an earlier model - before VCP started putting thigh braces on the RM boats.

I just noticed the Necky thigh brace kits. One is the adjustable (white-water style) kit and I’m familiar with it from the Chatham line.

However - I just noticed this kit

Do any of you have any experience with it? I don’t quite grasp how it installs (I see some hardware in one of the pictures) and unclear if it can be molded to fit various boats - such as my Avocet RM.

My local Necky dealer does not have these although can order them.

I’d love to hear from anyone who has used this kit. Photos of an installation would be perfect.



Comfort Fit Thigh Braces
I ordered some and installed them on my Necky Gannet. They were not too difficult to install, but I do not have a photo of the installation as I removed them after just one use. They are made of plastic, and they were too flexible in my installation. They stick out so far that it is diffult to enter and exit the baot, and they also may not fit well on your cockpit rim.

I found it better to just stick minicell foam to the underside of the cockpit rim, although I do have to splay my knees more. If you are interested in trying them, I will sell them for $25; I think I paid $60 new.

Thanks for the info. Can you describe the installation? How are these braces attached to the inside of the boat? Do you need to drill holes? Glue it in? Any other method?

Need to drill
I have seen the comfort fit thigh braces on many lower end necky and old town boats, and they do need holes drilled for them. You will need to drill 2 holes straight down on the flat of the deck just beyond the cockpit coaming. If you are actually looking for a solid thigh brace you can really hold onto, these aren’t for you. They are just foam and will flex and move around. However if you are like me and brace up under the cockpit and are just looking for some extra padding and a bit of a brace then they are fine.

I have a chatham and took the stock rigid braces out as they didn’t fit around my legs anyways, i found it much more comfortable that way.

Good info
Thanks for the extra details. I am in fact looking for something fairly solid I can push against - I’ll have to stop at a store and see these braces on a boat to get a better feel. If they are too soft/pliable then it may not be a good solution for me. I’m still considering carving and fitting braces from minicell - something like this


Rec boat crap
I doubt you can find some, but if you can order the old Chatam thigh braces with the WW thigh hooks. They would work well…great in fact as “paddlers” designed them. In true JOI form the comfort fit “things” are for show and shelf appeal and rec boats, which an Avocet isn’t.

I think they are still available
Salty - I have never actually seen the “comfort” braces so I had no idea as to the quality and robustness of them. I’m pretty sure you can still get the adjustable ones though like these

I just don’t know if I can fit them to my Avocet RM without having the “lip” around the cockpit edge. I’ll have to take a closer look



Those can work

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They should fit OK in the Avocet. The U channel just snugs in tight. The upper shorter arm of the U snugs in under the top lip of the coaming while the lower longer arm bears against the bottom of the lower part of the coaming base / boat. Screws go through the boat into inserts in the alloy U channel.

Get the WW thigh hooks as the nylon injection molded braces are just more de-tuned crap. And drop the stupid ratchets that will rust in a weekend....

Done right these WW hooks will give you awesome control.

I like it a lot but…
my Avocet RM has a smooth continuous coaming and I can’t see where the upper (shorter) part of the “U” would fit in.

Here again are the Necky whitewater braces

Here is a photo - not of my boat - but of another boat with a similar type of coaming - stolen from one of our esteemed members here

I can see the lower part of the U going under the coaming lip but where would the upper part of the U get wedged? If the coaming was thin enough, the “U” could fit right over it. If not, then I may have to cut off the upper (shorter) U segment and get left with an “L”. It may or may not be strong enough that way.

It’s a great idea to use these, if I can make it work. And - I agree - I don’t need the whole ratchet mechanism.



Trying to remember
Doesn’t the Avocet have braces that could be padded out. Seems the one I had did. Can’t recall coaming detail exactly, but will look into it.

Here’s a better picture
Ok - here is a picture of an Avocet exactly like mine

You can see that there are small protrusions from the black coaming, that act as braces but there is no “hook” in them at all - and that’s what I really need to get good lateral control of the boat. I may be able to build up a carved hook with some foam like was done on this boat

But I wanted to see if any good aftermarket braces could be used


for $100
hell, I’LL build ya some enhanced thigh braces.

Minicell and Dapco Weldwood Gel glue are your friends.

2-3 thinner layers allow more curvature - flex and strength - than one. Plywood principle.

Stanley Sureform shapers and Dragonskin for initial and final shaping. That’s it. If ya got a band saw that’s good too.

Lots of kayakers - flat & ww- continually tweak their boats… may as well get into it now…

Thanks for the encouragement
I am indeed looking at making my own braces from foam. I already built out the inside of the hull with minicell and neoprene. Just checking the options before proceeding


when salty says "Necky WW braces"
I think he means this

installed they look like this

for a deeper, more agressive bite

more $ for gas to the put in & beers at the takeout '-)

That’s what I meant too. I just didn’t link to the right picture. The installation challenge is the same though

thanks for the clarification though

OK, you’d have to rip
the Valley braces out entirely to install the Necky,which I would not do. Gosh been a long time since my Avocet (in fleet) and the pic helped.

I’m with Friendlyfire on doing your own with glue, foam, and shaping. I found the Valley’s pretty good stock, but I bet you’ll get where you need to go with fruendlyfire’s advice

Foam it is
I’ll put in an order for minicell and go find my sureform

Thanks folks for the brainstorm


40 grit paper works well too!

Ok folks - thanks for the encouragement to carve my own braces. Yesterday I spent a couple of hours and came up with a slim brace that I believe will improve the grip on the boat and yet not be in the way too much for getting in and out. You can see it here

Now I just need to take the boat out and try it for real. The brace is being held in place temporarily with strong double-sided carpet tape

I bought enough minicell foam to carve a few in case I feel the need to make changes. The initial cutting was done with a hack saw and then I used a sureform for some of the shaping. But in fact 36 grit sand paper works really really well too.

Thanks again