Necky Composite Elaho HV

…I am looking at a Necky Composite Elaho HV kayak. I weigh 270 Lb, and I am concerned about how it will handle my 270 Lb, and still have any speed and performance.

… It may not be until next spring that I will be able to demo one, so I am looking for some feedback on this Kayak. I am looking for a Kayak that will keep up with faster boats, and be OK in rougher water. I am concerned about how a 22.5" wide hull will carry my weight, and still perform.

… Has anyone had any experience with this heavy of a paddler in the Composite Elaho HV? I don’t want to end up in a Kayak where I will be pushing it’s performance envelope.

Thanks for any feedback you can give.

how much ‘faster’?
With what faster boats are you hoping to keep up?

The Elaho is not usually considered a fast boat.

Compared to a QCC 700

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...My friend has a QCC 700, and I can keep up with him in my Boreal "Nanook". I have issues with the Nanook, so I am looking for my next boat. I want to keep something as fast as what I now have, and the "700"
... I have tried a Solstice GT, an Eddyline Nighthawk 17.5, a Boreal Narwhal, an Impex Serenity, and a few others, but have not found the "right boat" for my 270 Lb weight yet.
.... My thoughts are now on the Composite Elaho HV, or the Copmposite Tesla NM. I have talked with a local dealer who is trying to work out a demo on both for me, but I am looking for some other feedback too.
.. Any one with experience using either of these with a person around 250 to 270 Lb, please let me know.

Foster Shadow?
The QCC700 is a very fast boat for a touring kayak.

If you have access to Nigel Foster boats, you might try a Shadow. Among the boats I’ve paddled, I think that only the Foster boats and the Azul Sultan approach the QCC700 as far as speed.

Many options
I own a Elaho plus two other boats, CD Extreme and Seda Glider, that may better satisfy your requirements to keep up with a QCC 700 in rough water. I also demoed an Epic Endurance which should also satisfy your requirements. The Elaho is an excellent rough water boat but you won’t be able to comfortably cruise above 4.5 kts. The Elaho drags are 4 kts-3.586 lbs, 4.5 kts-5.698, 5 kts-9.504, and 6 kts - 16.346 lbs. The QCC700 drags are 4 kts-3.79 lbs, 4.5 kts-5.11 lbs, 5 kts-7.02, and 6 kts - ? lbs. The CD Extreme drags are 4 kts-3.498 lbs, 4.5 kts-4.62, 5 kts-6.446 lbs, and 6 kts - 11.704 lbs. The Seda Glider drags are 4 kts-3.784 lbs, 4.5 kts-4.818, 5 kts-6.38 lbs, and 6 kts - 10.846 lbs. The Epic Endurance drags are 4 kts-3.75 lbs, 4.5 kts-4.79, 5 kts-6.38 lbs, and 6 kts - 10.66 lbs.

I normally paddle along the rocky Pacific coast or with slower paddles using my Elaho about 80% of the time. I like the easy surfing, turning and rolling provided by the Elaho. If I was trying to keep up with a QCC 700 I would paddle a QCC 700 or one of the other fast boats that I mentioned.

22.5" wide hull and 270 lbs
My experience with the Elaho is based on and athletic frame and 190 lb weight. Do to the 18’ - 19’ length of the alternative boats I mentioned, their is enoough volume that you shouldn’t have a weight capacity problem. Fit may be another issue. I suggest you create a short list of boats that will satisfy your criteria and then demo each of the boats in rough water conditions. This past weekend was the Bay Area Paddlefest. All of the boats other than the Seda Glider were available for demo in the windy afternoon conditions. If you have a Paddlefest in your area, this would be a good opportunity to compare the boats.

Impressive info… Thanks!
Your information is impressive, thanks for your reply. I really need to stay with a boat length around the 17’+ length I now have. The Sedna, and the CD Extreme are all much longer. I didn’t get a chance to check out the Epic specs yet. I also have to watch cocpit opening size. I have a “bad” knee, so I need to stay at least 16" x 31" for the opening. I can deal with that size. A bit bigger is better.

Have you figured the drag for a Solstice GT? And what was the paddler weight used in these tests. I know a heavier paddler will cause the hull to sit deeper, and cause more drag. Have you figured the drag for a Necky Tesla NM? These two kayaks are on my “check out” list.

Hey Bill,
I seem to remember a post about a QCC post where the owner removed the seat in either a 500,or 700 so he fit in it better.Check the archives,here. He used foam to make seat ,hip padding,and back rest. Being the 700’s lower deck height,I am not sure you can get in my 700,but if you removed the seat,it may resolve the seat issues like when you tried my 500. Call QCC ,and talk to Phil Sigglelow,and ask him . They may even have a revamped seat for larger paddlers,or even make a custom cockpit. Their # is on their web site.Good Luck on your search.

Happy Paddling billinpa

Big guy’s performance boat
Might want to add an Impex Assateague to that test list. Whenever I get someone with a linebacker build in one of my classes I usually steer them into an Assateague. 17’10" it is a fast kayak that still has a nimble and responsive feel. Rather unusual combination for a “big guy’s” boat.

See you on the water,


Sea Kayaker
I believe Sea Kayaker tested the Solstice. There would be full drag specs. They use 250lbs load for their drag models.

I’m going away this week-end, but when I return, I can probably dig out the SK review abnd post or email you the drag figures.