Necky composites

Just learned that my long-awaited glass Chatham never even got started because Necky didn’t bother to tell my dealer that they were no longer offering the color I’d ordered and just sat on the order. Apparently there’s a lot of turmoil around the shutdown of Johnson’s facility in Washington and production transfers to Maine. What I don’t know is whether any of that affects the composite boats if you can actually convince them to build you one. Anyone know? If I’m willing to wait longer, am I going to get a good boat in the end?

Thanks for any help and insight.

Necky Composites

– Last Updated: Aug-07-09 1:24 PM EST –

New Necky composite Chathams are being built by Cobra Int'l in Thailand. Necky's US manufacturing location transfer issues will not affect a new build of this model. 80 hours of labor, epoxy resin, and the latest high tech manufacturing methods are used to create this model. I just received a Chatham 16 composite two weeks ago and its build quality and finish is much better than any kayak I have ever seen.

That’s exactly the info I was looking for. I can handle a preoccupied rep issue as long as I get a good boat in the end!