Necky Elaho HV

Anyone else own a Necky Elaho HV Kayak and what do you think of it?

Check out my review…
… I am seriously on the trail of my next Kayak. I tested a composite Elaho HV last fall, and wrote quite a detailed review here on P-Net. Do a quick search on this kayak and you will find my review and several others. I tried to give a lot of detail to make the review worth reading.

… Look to the immediate left, and click on Product Reviews. Under the kayak selection, select “Necky”. You will then get a listing of the Necky kayaks that have been reviewed.

… Note I am a big guy, weighing 270 Lb. If your weight is far off from mine, it will give you a different feeling.

… I basically thought it was a nicely made kayak, but with a VERY low initial stability. A great play boat, but not a good platform for photography or fishing.

Good luck in your search!

I made a minicell seat for one because the little velcroed seat has no side thigh support, don’t know what they were thinking,it weathercocks less than a LookshaIV and it’s efficient/slick but the flop/flop low initical stability is not what you’d want if you’re trying to sell a lot of main stream 17’ sea kayaks. There are a lot of other kayaks equally fast/efficient that have more stability.