Necky Elaho or Wilderness Epic

I am looking to get a decent all around kayak. I have found a Necky Elaho Sport for 500 or a Wilderness System Epic for 350.

I know that both are really decent kayaks but I am looking for input as to which may be better? Faster? More stable? Hold value better?

Any info would be appreciated.


more info please
What skill level are you? How do you plan to use the boat? Are you tall, short, heavy, light?

More info
I would say budding on intermediate level. Me, I am 5’7 and 145 pounds. Not a big guy by any means.

Mostly paddling the Saint Johns river and intercoastal water way. Some canals and streams. Would like to have

a boat that is diverse so I can go just about anywhere in Florida

Thanks for the reply

Well I chose
The Wilderness Systems Epic. Its a really nice boat. In great shape especially for its age (about 9 years old) and other than a few scratches and scrapes, it looks great.

I am excited to get her on the water!!!

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