Necky Eliza Composite

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Dear Folks:

Seeking informed opinions on the Necky Eliza Composite kayak. I'm 5'8" and weigh 155 pounds (male). I know this is marketed toward women but this seems like a interesting "smaller person's" kayak. How is this kayak re maneuverability, glide, speed for effort expended, rough water capability?

Thanks to all who respond.


I noticed that…
…you haven’t had any responses at this point. That might be because few, if any people around here, have tried out the Eliza.

You haven’t mentioned your present skill level or whether or not you currently own a kayak. That being said the best judge of the suitability of a boat for you is you through direct experience. For example, I like to roll and have a boat that rolls beautifully. Before I bought it, I took it out and tried rolling and discovered that it was way easier than my previous boat, in part due to the low back deck. But I had to try it out to appreciate that. OTOH, I could stand up in my first kayak without tipping over. Haven’t been able to to do that in my current ride:)

Consider going to a kayak symposium or a demo day where you can get in a bunch of boats, all on the same day. And try to make that a “bumpy water” day.

Based on your dimensions there should be a rather wide range of kayaks that will work for you and you’ll never know until you get that first hand experience.

I know a lot about it…
email me off line and I can relay a ton of info about design, construction etc. A great boat!

Composite Necky Eliza

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I just got a composite Eliza a couple of weeks ago after paddling a poly Eliza for 4 years. I mostly paddle alone and on flat water, so I can't really speak to speed for effort or rough water capability.

But maneuverability and tracking are great. When people say the poly and composite are different boats, I think it's the maneuverability they're talking about because it's completely different. I was amazed the first time I went on edge to turn at how much sharper the turn was compared to the poly. It's a very fun boat to paddle.

I'm 5'1" 130 lbs. and the fit is perfect for me. My foot pegs are about 1/3 of the way down the track so there's room for longer legs. I really appreciate the low back deck too.

ETA: Take Salty up on his offer. He gave me a ton of great information before I bought mine.

At 4" taller & 30 pounds heavier
I found the composite Eliza fun!