Necky Eliza good price or ???

I was at Riversport Kayaks in Homosassa today looking at new racks and the owner mentioned he had a couple of new Eliza’s for $1079.00 ea. I paddled one of them and really liked it. I was wondering if this is a good price? Thanks KK

That price is about $220 less than
suggested retail. Almost 17 percent off. Is it new and does it come with the rudder?

Its new and both have rudders. One of them is still wrapped in the packaging it was shipped in. The one I tried was on display. I’ve just got to figure a way to get my better half to let me get it. HMMMMM, I wonder if he wants any kind of camera equipment.

Outdoorplay and REI have it for $1299.

Mountainman Outdoors in NY has very good fall inventory reduction sales because they are a high volume dealer. They currently list several leftover 2007’s for $1040, so for a smaller dealer near you that seems like a pretty good deal to me.


Given that you paddled one
and really like it, YES, that is an excellent value! It is a nice little boat. The composite version is narrower, skegged, Valley hatches, and under 40 lbs. The poly version is a bit wider, different hatches and rudder equipped, though paddles well without. Enjoy.

Is 22"wide and 49lbs. When I took it for a test paddle I got one of those looks :^( from my husband. (I really think he needs an image stabilizer lens for his camera.) ;^)

Enjoy your new boat :slight_smile: NM

Image stabilizers
are great. He really needs one and you need a kayak that fits.

what hatches?