Necky Eliza

I know photos can mislead – she may have a slight lean away from the camera – but that looks like a lot of freeboard despite their claim of “lower deck height” and “lower deck profile”.

I’ll be interested to see one in person.


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The cockpit seems to be nice and narrow, though I wonder about the length. But it does seem to narrow considerably as it goes forward, so maybe it feels narrower. (Don't suppose Valley would take a look at that..)

The rear deck does look decently low the way the paddler is sitting in it, tho' the front deck looks like I might still consider it too high. Seems to be fit the way my Vela is, in which I dropped the unnecessarily high thigh braces a good inch or so. But I am getting admittedly extreme about that. I wouldn't mind foaming down the thigh braces on the used Piedra we picked up Saturday, and that boat was designed for someone my size.

The very good news that they are trying. I'd like to see thme get a lot of hits on this boat. My biggest question is about the rudder, not the decision I'd expect on a new boat of that length these days.

Composite version has skeg
and is narrower. As I understand it, they are hoping it will weigh under 40, perhaps 35 lbs. It is a lower volume boat that a lot of women paddlers had input into, including a woman doc. Cockpit is wide at the hips, but not unecessarily long.

Hatch covers are bad
We bought the Looksha V last year with those hatch covers. They leak something fierce. We like everything else about the boat, but that. I can’t belive Necky put them on another model as they have gotten lots of complaints about them.

Composite sits lower

I’ve got one of the composite prototypes, and it sits much lower than the poly version pictured. I LOVE cockpit of this boat - I’m 5’6", 150 lbs. and it fits me extremely well without any mods. I like the volume in the foredeck - I’ve had trouble with most low-volume boats putting too much pressure down on my thighs - (I’m nearly 53, and a little stiff too)

I can enter and exit the cockpit easily, and have good contact while seated. No complaints here!

I’ll try to post a picture of it on the water when I get one.


I checked on the composite
hatches, and they will be Valley ovals front and rear. The poly Eliza I saw on a west coat Vancouver Is. trip had dry hatches after 3 days in some heavy seas. I think the key to those neoprene gasket + hard covers is making sure the hatch covers stay tight.

CD Squamish
What would your opinion be regarding CD Squamish?

“you gals …”

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"... NEED TO PADDLE MORE! Delete this site from your favorites and paddle. Become good boaters. Forget the bullshit...go out in Nature and paddle."

That's the advise Salty normally gives when you discuss a boat.

My wife is 5’0", and we bought & sold a couple of boats before finding one that was really comfortable for her(WS Tchaika). We’re not actively looking for a replacement, but I’m always interested in boats for smaller folks.

When you go on and on about this or that boat in seemingly endless circles that’s exactly my advice and I’ll stick to that. Boats are just boats.

just hope you’re consistant
and give that advise whenever you see people going on and on about one and the same subject.

Oh wait–that’s what a thread is!

…if you live a two hour drive from the ocean and can’t paddle everyday, pnet can be amusing and sometimes informative:}

Salty doesn’t make allowances
for anyone living a two hour drive from the ocean

you’ll just have to move

Actually, I lived two blocks from the ocean, but I didn’t kayak at the time - and I moved :frowning:

Now, my son is 13 and he won’t adapt to moving due to his autism - besides he prefers whitewater. So, in five years, I’ll have enough kayaks to open my own business and I then I’ll move! And I’ll have all the answers to every question from reading this forum.

Doing my best…
Still recovering from four solid days at the Downeast Kayaking Symposium, going to make it an easy paddle tomorrow and the only reason our informal practice group wasn’t in the water last night or tonight was the fall re-start of extracurriculars like chorale rehearsals and family etc to deal with because of taking off for the symposium. I figure the total will be four days paddling out of eight thanks to the symposium, it’s been three to four out of seven for most of the summer except every day for three weeks in July in Maine on vacation…

of course if someone wants to go out and earn a living for me I could greatly improve that percentage.