Necky Eliza?

I just read about this new model on the Necky website. I like the size and the dimmensions, but then I found out it is a “women’s boat”. What?? I’m a guy, I weigh 170lbs, and I’m 6’ tall. Does this mean this boat will not fit me? If it does, will I get teased for having a “chick’s boat”?? Has anyone paddled this model? (man or woman)?

I’m your exact size…
and I just bought a 16 foot Chatham. I fit well in it.

I don’t fit
I am 6’ tall, but a bit heavier (200 lbs or so). I don’t fit in the cockpit.

My girlfriend did paddle it, but also decided to get a Chatham 16 instead.

Dont post much anymore, but
FYI, the poly version of the Eliza is wider and equipped with a rudder. The composite version (soon to be released) is skegged, narrower, valley ovals for and aft, surf boat cockpit. The two boats are quite different. 170 is really too heavy for either for optimal handling, but I’m 210 and the composite boat was fun for me. It is more efficient than the CH 16 even at 5 knots, but for bigger folk less playfull. It is designed for paddlers up to 150 lbs. It’s one of many good kayaks.

Chatham 16 at 5 kts??
that must have been pushing one hell of a bow wave.

Yes indeed
In most touring yaks, that’s pushing it. My point is simply that the composite Eliza, though shorter overall has lower drag, even up to that speed than the CH 16. (that boat BTW was never intended as a flat water tourer, rather a rough sea coastal boat) LWL’s are very close, but the Eliza has less wetted surface. That may be of interest to the smaller paddler wishing for an efficient, nimble kayak. You may know more about these new boats than me, but that’s what friends at Necky tell me.


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I had the opp to paddle the eliza composite. It's nice - very light at 40lbs. I respond to your emial because - yes- it is a boat for women but has been given good ratings by male paddlers as well. however, it indeed has the "l" in Eliza a different color - like the pink l for breast cancer. My son - 5'11" - thin build (cyclist)had no problem fitting in the boat and enjoyed. My class instructer mentioned the eliza hull design as very close to that of the chatam and gave the eliza a good review. He writes kayak reviews and articles as well as teaches.