Necky Eskia as 2nd Boat For Tall Guy

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I already consulted the pnet reviews on the Eskia, but need some first hand stuff from people who own this boat and hopefully another boat.

I already own an Impex Assateague and like it a lot for open water. However, I want a second boat for the following applications:

- (Me) Stability for lazy paddles for fishing or photography on rivers or streams.

- Boat for my wife/other paddle partners that is easy to paddle and stable and still be able to bring it on the ocean.

-Manueverability. My Assateague is 17' 10" and likes to go straight. Turning is not a problem in more open water, but on rivers or streams with current and "tight spots", turning is more difficult.

- Disposal, no care boat. I don't want to have to be real careful about beaching the boat on gravel, sand, bumping into things, etc.

- Able to run a little WW in the boat. I entered a race in April that has Class I and II rapids in areas on the river. I am a little uneasy about running stuff like that in my Impex.

A couple of questions: 1) Will this boat fit my needs? 2) I don't expect this boat to be race fast, but I also don't want a barge either. How much of a slow-poke is this boat with the beam of 24" and a length of 16' 6" 3) If not this boat, other recommendations? I need one that I can fit my 36" inseam and has a cockpit width of 16.5"


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It info for bigger paddlers


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I paddled an Eskia a few times, didn't like it very much. It's way too wide and the stern seemed to grab waves/current.
If you're looking for something easier to turn and plastic you might want to try a CD Sirroco or a Necky Looksha V. Since you're already paddling a boat with a skeg you might prefer the Sirroco.

Familiar w/Site
That is how I got ideas about the Eskia. Intersted in information regarding boat(s) that may fit my specific needs.



look at the Current designs storm or…
the P&H Orca 16.



I’ve used a Necky Eskia for an afternoon
And I was able to fit in it. And lift my knees up! The only sea kayak I’ve tried that I could do that in. While I’m only a rank beginer, the Eskia seemed to have more stability than the other Sea Kayaks I’ve tried. Again, my experience is limited. The Eskia should be more than stable enough for you. Of the other kayaks mentioned by others here, I’ve tried the CD Sirocco for about 15 minutes, and the Cockpit is a lot tighter than the Eskia. The CD Storm is only slighty larger all the way around. So, you won’t be able to lift you knees in the CD’s, if thats important to you. I also have a 36 inch inseam, I’m 6-4 and weigh in at 245. For your comparison.

Good luck, if you get one, let us know how you like it.


I personally thought Eskia is a barge and weathercocked awfully. By the way i think it’s 16’x25’’, not 16’6x24’’.If you want to run whitewater, i would not pick it either. It IS stable in flat water, in typical barge fashion.

If i wanted a SECOND boat to compliment a sea kayak and be able to run whitewater, i’d go for either a Prijon Combi 359, or a Perception Enduro 12.5 and add an airbag in front. both are decent little whitewater-rec/downriver touring/lake boats.