Necky Eskia

One of the local outfitting and tour companies is selling of their old kayaks and I can pick up a Necky Eskia for $350. It needs a little work a lot of cleanup but it’s lake worthy. I’m looking for something that will handle the bigger swells and wind out in the open lake. Any thoughts? For the price, I don’t think I can go wrong and it has to paddle better than my 10’ rec kayak.

Wouldn’t wait at that price.
Decisions by proxy is what we have here.

Why not?
If you don’t like it by the end of the summer you could probably sell it for the same $350 once it’s cleaned up.

Eskia is a great boat
I’ll buy it from you for $351

Big volume boat
Would be great if you are a big volume paddler.


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The eskia is definitely a step up from your 10-footer, and it perches right at the verge of the "sea-kayak" category, but there are just a couple minor issues to consider, especially since you mention bigger waters.

The eskias have a tall, hard, hinged seat back. When I've practiced rescues with people using Eskias, they have had a very hard time getting back in the boat without that seat back causing problems. If you are headed out on big lakes, you should work on self and assisted rescues, and that might be more difficult without replacing the seat back. It's not a hard job, but it will add $50-100 to your purchase price.

The Eskia is also big in the cockpit. If you are a smaller person you might have trouble feeling secure in that boat, and good contact with the boat is important in rougher water.

Aside from that, it's sounds like a decent deal, unless it's in rough, worn-out shape. (Check the stern to see if it's worn thin, or holed, from being dragged.)

Big boat, very large cockpit
The Eskia is a very big boat with a large cockpit. If you are a large person it can be fine, otherwise it might be unwieldy for you to handle. I’m 6’, 185 and an Eskia feels enormous to me.