Necky Kayak Good Buy?

-- Last Updated: Jan-18-14 2:03 PM EST --

Follow that link and you will see it on Craigslist.

Would this be a good buy?

I offered the guy $250... he said he will get back to me, but he thinks he can do it. Would $250 be a good deal?

Not particularly
Unless I’m missing something, that’s a rec boat with no bulkheads. Check this out:

A quick perusal of this page (I might have missed something but the trend is there) shows that brand-new rec boats in that category cost less than what this seller is asking for a second-hand boat in the same category, and that makes no sense to me. Further, the seller is worried about being “insulted” by lower price offers. I think he’s dreaming that the boat is something special. It’s not.

No idea
The Gannet has been around a LONG time. I wouldn’t pay that much for a boat that’s been around 20 years. They are no longer made. I don’t know the year Necky stopped making them.

Ask the seller what the last two numbers on the hull are to find the year it was made.

Sellers are often not realistic about what their boat is really worth.

He’s dreaming
I have seen the ones with a bulkhead go for $400. As previously mentioned it’s an older boat, I think offer is reasonable maybe $300 tops.

The earliest “review” for this boat
here on P-net goes back to’99, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t for sale in earlier years.

With no bulkhead and should you want to buy it, IMO, I’d look at bow and/or stern bags to use with it.

If nothing else, try before you buy. No two bodies are the same.

$250 is great
I think $250 is a great price. Looks clean etc. I would gladly pay that or a little more for it if I wanted a simple rec boat. Why cant these people just say what they want for something and not play the stupid games. That’s why I don’t buy on ebay unless it’s a “buy it now” price.

Got it!
Yeah they had it on Craigslist for 2 months before I saw it so I figured they would take lower. They started at $550, but I look a week later and it was $450. Another week and a half went by and it was at $350. I could tell they were ready to get rid of it. I offered $250 cash… guy told me he wants 350. I told him 250 was all I had… he responded, “when can you pick it up?”

Haha, I was pretty happy. It’s in my garage now… time to start kayaking!

I am totally new to it by the way. Thanks for the help guys.

The Gannet is a good first boat
I have one that I bought for my kids to paddle. I keep it because I have many friends who will come out paddling once in a while. They all seem to enjoy it.

The comments about bulkheads(none) and flotation (get some) are spot on. While this is not a boat that is easy to swamp, it is an absolute bear to recover once you do swamp it. I keep two long air bags behind the seat and a short wide air bag in front of the foot pegs. That after struggling with a boat over boat recovery out on Pawtuckaway.

Now you need a comfortable PFD
and the best paddle you can afford. Aquabound makes some paddles with fiberglass shafts and nylon blades that are great starter paddles at reasonable prices, NOT like my first one with an aluminum shaft and monster plastic blades.

+1 for best paddle you can afford
I paddled an aluminum shaft and plastic blades for a few years before I paddled a mile with a carbon-hybrid shaft… wow what a difference. You’d be amazed what another $60 invested in your paddle will yield. (Well – maybe you won’t be amazed unless you start with the cheaper paddle like I did… but I was amazed…)

You done good…
That’s an older boat made in Canada with the black flecks in the plastic. That plastic is very strong but not used now due to recycling problems I think.

My first kayak was a Necky with that material, it’s still in my neighborhood and looks great.