Necky Kayak Used Price?

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I have a Necky Looksha Sport 14ft with hatches and a Necky Dolphin 14ft with hatches both from the late 90s. I am trying to find out what a fair price for these used boats in very good condition would sell for? Any input is much appreciated.



20 year old poly boat
For a 20 year old poly boat I wouldn’t pay over $500 for either, maybe $300.

They weren’t all that expensive to start with when new.

Bill H.

in California I’ve seen the Dolphin in very good/excellent condition on Craigslist from time to time with a asking price of $300., so figure a bit lower, and that’s for one thats had very good care and not stored outside where the sun or rain takes a big toll.

Your SIK should hit $300-$350. IF in excellent condition and with little wear to seat, hatches in good working condition, and with very little sun damage from fading.

The Dolphin…
If it says “made in Canada” it would be worth a little premium to me. It was made with a better stronger plastic. I had an old Necky Dorado that is still in the hood and looks great.

also think $500 each
I also think $500 each would be a fair price for the boats in good shape.

I agree with the range
I have bought and sold (or tracked down for others to buy) at least a dozen poly touring kayaks of that vintage in good condition over the past 8 years and the prices have ranged from $300 to $450.

You can usually expedite a sale and get an additional $100 if you throw in a decent PFD and paddle. If you have the patience to wait, you will get a little more selling the accessories separately but you have to weigh the hassles of dealing with multiple buyers.

About 50%
Generally speaking, whenever selling anything used, price it at 50% of its new price, then adjust up/down for condition.

I think I paid about $1400 for my Looksha Sport with rudder 10 years ago, so $500-600 would be a good starting place.

Jeffrey Lee

some comparisons
I paid $600 for a 15 year old Necky Looksha 17 in very good condition last year but that price included a Werner paddle, an Extrasport PFD, a brand new neo-nylon Harmony sprayskirt and a bilge pump (all of which would have been at least $300 new). So I would consider the portion of the price that covered the kayak was around $450. And this year got a 2004 Dagger Monterey 14.5 with skeg (a model similar to the Looksha Sport) including a spray skirt, PFD and Werner paddle, for $400.

Not much
250 each