necky kayaks

I was looking around online and stumbled onto necky kayaks. I was just wondering if anybody has any stories, advice, or anything about necky kayaks. Thanks again for your help.

Popular around here
Next to Perception they are a big seller. Some of the most popular boats by them are the Gannet and the Santa Cruz. What kind of boat are you looking for?

I like mine.
Looksha Sport. 14’4" and a blast on the river and white water. Ok initial stability, but great secondary. Compartments ar water tight and can carry enough stuff for a few days. I have the rudder on mine and use it in the wind and on long lake crossings otherwise it stays up. Has enough rocker to help it get around in a hurry if the need calls for it.

I’ve had mine for a little over a year now. After this amount of time there are two areas that I am going to modify to make the boat more comfortable/efficient for me. I don’t like the back support and I am looking at changing the foot/rudder setup. Right now the position is set by straps and when I roll (or attempt to anyway) I find that after a few attempts the straps move and I need to readjust the foot peddle position. Nothing serious, but it’s something I’ll change to make it better for me. Camped for 3nights/4days (Tahoe) seemed to hold everything fairly well. Mine is plastic and I almost always run my boat right up onto the beach or rocks or where ever I’m landing, seems to be holding up pretty well. Hope this helps.

Got a Necky Kyook
I recently got a 15’ poly Necky Kyook. I paddled it a few times already and it is good.

It really depends on what kind of water you’re gonna be. But this kayak surely can take a beating - landing on rocks, stones without a worry.

I could use more speed in calmer water - but then again, that depends on the water. I am sure when I find myself in waves and winds I will appreciate the stability of the boat while compromising a little speed.

Overall a good kayak.

slipping footbraces
I just fixed a friends Pinta that had that problem. Find some 1/8" hollow braid vectran and get a tool for making constrictor splices to make an adjustable loop connecting the wire cable to the sliding foot rail. The line will cost about $5 and the tool about $15,I think. There are other methods that could cost less but it’s such an elegant solution and the straps are such a dumb one.

Purchased a Necky Manitou in early May & love it. Tracks well, good stability, moves at a pretty good clip, windy weather doesn’t seem to phase it. No regrets.

NECKY . . . . Better than Good
I absolutely love my Santa Cruze. I’m big and heavy. It manuvers very well and tracks adaquately. I am especially comfortable with their rudder. Comfortable subtle controll and I don’t really feel any perceptable drag when it’s down. Unlike most others I’ve paddled. Necky poly seems tougher and firmer than others. Remember buy a Yak like a shoe it’s got to fit you.

necky = excellence
I just got an Eskia and my wife an Elaho. We love them. We considered many boats but decided on Necky for the fit/finish/size selection and the local dealer is excellent.

I corresponded with David at Necky several times clarifying things I was told by the salesman just to make sure I wasn’t being “sold”. I cannot praise them enough. They produce a well designed and constructed boat and we got them for a GREAT “early end of season sale” price.

Good luck.