necky kevlar

I am moving and am going to sell the kayaks. One of them is a Necky kevlar Elaho Kayak. It was a while back and all I remember is that it weighs 40lbs and it cost me a lot of money. I can not find another one for sale. Any idea what it is worth. I just has some scratches on the bottom

like asking a school of sharks

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if they're hungry.

I'd venture a guess of at least $1100 but it's a guess only.

Here’s one for sale for $900

Might be helpful in establishing a starting price.

Where are you located?
That can effect the pricing suggestions.

That looks like a Phoenix Isere near
the wrecked ship in the last picture.

what year and condition? I see tons of composite kayaks for sale for many months even well over a year. Funny thing is they are almost always only used 5 times or less. Look at other composite sea kayaks of similar years to gauge the competition.

I see kayaks similar to this, albeit infrequently, in a price range between $1100 and $1900. As a specific example, a kevlar Ellesmere at ~$1900 has been sitting unsold for over a year, a very nice boat. The price differential with kayaks, originally much cheaper, seems to lessen significantly.

As best I remember, I purchased my kevlar Ellesmere for $1600 and my wife’s kevlar Looksha IV at $1500.