Necky Looksha 12si vs WS Tsunami 120

and Looksha 12vs Tsunami 125

I’m too big for these boats but would like to know from experienced paddlers what the discernible differences are between them for a 150lb paddler.

about the Tsunamis . .
I don’t know that Necky boat, but I’d say the Tsunami 120 might be a little better fit for someone that size. It’s still a more rec-styled boat, so the cockpit is still spacious, and deck is high, but slightly less so than the 125.

Whether it’s suitable for your 150-pounder depends largely on what that person hopes to do with the boat.

At 5’9", 160lbs, I found the Tsunami 135 to be a better fit than the 120, which was too wide & tall for my taste.

Haven’t tried the Lookshas.

they’re aimed at the exact same market
kayaky rec. boats, or transitional/day touring for $1000.