Necky Looksha 14 value?

I’m looking at purchasing a used Necky Looksha 14 with rudder, paddle and skirt…they are offering it for $850 for the whole package and I’m trying to judge if this is a reasonable price for this boat. Any thoughts? Any general thoughts on the boat? Is this a good boat (seems like it!)?




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This is VERY dependent on the condition of the boat, type of paddle, type of skirt, etc.

Do you have those details? Have you seen a lot of pictures (or seen it in person?) Are you in a position where you can test and make sure that's a boat you want to paddle?

I say that as someone that (in the times before finding found a "great deal" on Craigslist that "included everything" - I spent $750 on a 15 year old boat in very worn shape, a trash paddle that I had to replace, and a skirt that I'll never use. The boat isn't even one that I like and so now I'm in a position where I'm trying to just sell it for a couple hundred tops and will have to buy my own boat that I will actually use. It's only a good deal if it's what you really want (and it's in good condition).

yes, depends

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A Looksha 14 new can sometimes be found new for as little as $1100, but $1250 is more likely. I usually look at a used boat that isn't too old for selling from half to three quarters of the new price. So $625 to $820 for the boat.

If it is a rec paddle and nylon spray skirt, those are like $75 each new, and about half that used. If they are better quality, that ups the value.

So that would put a sight unseen guess as $700-900 for the package. If it is newer (year or two old, versus 5 to 6 years old) and in better than expected shape, then higher end. If obviously seen lots of use, lower end (or below this range if real bad). Disclaimer - this is just a guess - the boat in question may be way off.

On whether it is a good boat, that depends on what you would want to use it for. As a day touring boat for flat water, it would be fine. Not for big water conditions (great lakes, ocean) nor for moving rivers. I personally find them to be a bit too rec boat-ish (too wide and too large a cockpit), but each person has their own preferences. Hopefully you have sat in it, or bet yet, paddled it, to know if it is good for you.

Looksha 17

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Lookshas are fine boats. I picked up one for my brother, an excellent condition poly Looksha 17 with rudder, Werner Skagit paddle, Extrasport PFD and brand new Harmony neo-nylon skirt for $650 last summer. But I would gladly have paid as much as $800 for all that stuff -- the guy had bought out an outfitter leaving the business and had sort of underpriced everything.

So, as said, if the boat is in good shape and the accessories are a decent grade, that would be OK. But unless they are all like new I would try offering $700 -- that's more in line with package price for a used boat of that grade.

Any info on the paddle and skirt?
Like paddle length, composition (like does it weigh a ton), is the skirt nylon and does it leak? I have seen packages where everything but the boat was pretty bad, enough to try bargaining the seller down a bit. Basically this is along the lines of what willowleaf said.

As others said
The only kmown here is the price and name of the boat… Imagine asking if $10,000 is a good price for a Subaru Forester w/o knowing year, miles or condition.

So sure, $850 is a good price, so could $1200 or $400 Basically if the boat , skirt and paddle are in perfect near new condition then near wholesale is a good price since a patient shopper can find a sale price at least 10% off retail and that comes with warranty and service. Once you get to well worn you could be looking at 1/3 to 1/2 retail. A leaky well worn $75 coated nylon skirt is essentially worthless. A cheap aluminum shaft paddle that cost $75 is worth about $25. A cheap one piece aluminum or corroded together aluminum is worth replacing. An old $275 Werner paddle with loose ferrule and chipped blades is worth about $75, near new about $150

So what you should know is the year of the boat, are the bulkheads and hatches secure , does the rudder work, pedals and deployment line, any broken fittings, is the stern or bow worn down a lot (some people drag boats enough to put a whole in the stern) , is the rudder bent ( Necky aluminum rudders aren’t very robust), type of skirt and paddle. And that is BEFORE you drive over with cash to look at it.

Basically you buy stuff used because you know what you’re looking for not because it’s cheap.