Necky Looksha iv HV

I’m looking at a fiberglass 17’ Necky Looksha iv HV. I’ve read the Looksha is suitable for a paddler with a smaller frame. I’m 6’ 175lbs. Does the HV indicate this as a high volume boat? I’m assuming this be more suitable to a larger frame? I’ve looked online but couldn’t find anything specific to a HV model.

Any info or opinions regarding this boat would be appreciated. It seems the Looksha name is now applied to a number of different kayak models.


I haven’t heard of an HV option, so I’m curious if anyone replies with info. I have an older Looksha IVs, which I believe has a little different and lower deck than the Looksha IV. One think to look at is that all of the older fiberglass Lookshas appear to have a slightly snug cockpit. It’s about 29.5 inches long, versus a typical touring cockpit of 31-32 inches. If you have long legs, it can be a bit tight getting in.

The regular Looksha IV is plenty big for you. I suspect you would find an HV version too much to be fun to handle.

That said, l also never encountered an HV version of one of these.

My CD Extremes are 29.5" x 16" cockpit size. I get in at 6’ 230 lb. You should fit easily even if the deck is a bit lower.

Review of one from sea Kayaker magazine

HV would refer to high volume. 6’ 175 lbs puts you pretty well into a standard size boat, so HV might feel too big for you.

I know they had HV and LV version in composite. I think they made them later on in the production time - in the last years just before the boats were obsoleted.

I do seem to remember a friend having an LV in plastic, which seemed even rarer, and a bit of a surprise to find given tat to justify making a mold for rotomolded plastic you would want to make lots of the boats with the mold.

Necky Kayaks, which was bought out be Johnson Outdoors in 1998, and after several moves, they discontinued the Necky line altogether in 2017. I don’t know when the Lookshaw was discontinued, but the Arluk 1.9, the same general design but without the rockered hull, was discontinued in 2003.

So you’ll be searching for a used boat. The Lookshaw IV was noted for its low profile deck. From what I could tell, the HV version was produced in very small numbers.

I have a glass Looksha IV HV. I acquired it just before the mold literally broke back in the day and it is still in great condition. It’s a smaller HV than the competition of the era it was produced, and served me well on the west coast of Vancouver Island and PNW. I don’t go so far afield these days, but as long as I can load this boat on the roof of my car, it’s a keeper. As for the tight cockpit, this is more of an issue when landing. Double chined and highly recommended.

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I would assume that you made a decision about getting or not getting that boat a couple months ago, but I’ll weigh in as a longtime owner of a Looksha IV HV (and yeah, “HV” is high volume).

Fantastic boat! I got the kevlar/fiberglass version 21 years ago and have had countless adventures in it, from open ocean to protected rivers, day paddles and multi-day camping.

I will be camping in it this weekend.

I don’t believe the boat would be oversized for you, but FYI I’m 6’2", 210 lbs.


Just saw this thread about the Looksha IV and Looksha IV HV. I have a Kevlar Looksha IV and would actually like to trade it for a Looksha IV HV (high volume). I am 6’1" and about 185lbs. Really the only thing that doesn’t work for my body type is that the front of the cockpit where the knees/thighs brace is too low for my body mechanics and I can’t get a good hip snap. I need to be able to have my knees/thighs a tad higher and I am assuming in the high volume version there is more room.

Has anyone compared the two in terms of this? Also, my boat is up for trade if anyone has an HV (preference is for kevlar). FYI…I live near San Francisco.