Necky Looksha IV paddler size/stability?

I’m a big paddler 6’2", 260lbs. Necky Looksha IV reviews on PN seem to point out stability problems seemingly related to center of gravity/boat lower in water. I have paddled other yaks that were considered a bit twichy and personally didn’t notice that tendancy. I know that with 260lbs. inside they are riding much lower in the water. Will a much lighter paddler experience more tippiness? One review suggested removing the seat in a Looksha IV to lower center of gravity. At this point I am a bit confused. Is a LookshaIV just designed for a smaller paddler?

Not in
my opinion . And that is what you are getting -opinions-and what works for others . I be 138 and 5’10" and have no problem w/the boat , at my size very comfortable and roomy , gave it to a friend to use as we guided 26 folks from Albany to NYC over 10 days -he being very similar to my build and size , no problems there. Another fellow guide used his Necky and he is about 260 and 5’9" , his boat is glass mine is plst. and 10 yrs. older . He loves his and I mine , point is size-boat-etc… all come down to the indivigual -ISN’T THAT GREAT ! In general they do weather cock a bit , but a good boat all round and a good trippin boat too. Hope that helps !

Looksha IV
Looksha IV was the first kayak I owned.

I’m 5’10"/190 and the boat was just confortable and stable for me.

When I purchased another kayak the Looksha was passed to my wife (5’4"/125) and it was definetly too much boat for her.

While tippiness was never a problem, the boat was not sitting low enough in the water, tracking became very poor and the wind was pushing the boat in every direction.

Does a fat paddler gain or loose
loose stability? The center of gravity is lower relative to the water line which is higher because the boat rides lower? This same paddler will ride higher in a higher volume bigger boat.

Us Fat Guys
I would say the boat will sit further in the water and give stability to a point but at the same time guys carry most of their weight in the torso thus effecting stability, woman typically carry their weight below the torso, except in the extreme cases.


Very tactfully put
"…woman typically carry their weight below the torso, except in the extreme cases."

In the “extreme cases”, I guess they will be penalized with a higher center of gravity?

Thus more unstable.

Extreme cases
Would the “extreme cases” be helpful for rolling the kayak?

looksha IV

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I'm 6'0 and 200lbs... No problems in my Looksha IV, I love it... I paddle in very rough ocean waters and glassy mountain lakes, it performs well in all conditions.

Other info: it is a plastic boat. I use both Greenland and Euro style paddles. It has the original seat.