Necky Looksha IVS - advice and help w/size paddler?

I’m looking at a Necky Looksha IVS (older model, fiberglass, 600$) any general guidance on this particular kayak. looking as my first touring kayak for fairly calm lakes - thanks Michaeljp as a first kayak.
also what size paddler can the Necky Looksha IVS handle? i’m 6ft 160#s

I can’t source the specs for the IVS. I have an ‘02 Looksha IV in Kevlar that I love. It’s a tight fit for me, at 6’ and 195#. Very nice glide, handles like a dream in rivers or open water. Not a strong tracking hull, but I’d rather have a playful boat than a tracking boat. It does very well in choppy conditions, just keep a spray skirt handy.

@tjalmy said:
I can’t source the specs for the IVS.
I cannot either, getting mixed results for the length for example… Someone out there with a IVS? My wife loves her kevlar Looksha IV, but the IVS may be smaller and otherwise different?

posting deleted did you buy it?

Going by the people who I have seen paddling that boat (generally small women), I suspect it may be too small for you. But if it is in decent shape, I’d grab it and test paddle it. If it is too small, you should be able to resell it for more once it is paddling season again.


I just saw your post and found it amusing, as I am the one that bought it. However, for your knowledge, I am 5’9" and 190 (dad bod) and my feet hit the bulkhead to the front compartment. My wife on the other hand, at 5’1" and roughly 130 fits in it like a glove. I just thought you would like to know.

~ Doug

hi doug - thanks for letting me know. yea, the guy selling it said he sold it for more - so you were the one who bought it. I did as much research on the Looksha IVS as possible. and, from what I also saw and seems confirmed by these other comments- for future post readers: bottom line - Necky Looksha IVS is designed more for smaller (possibly women paddlers)