Necky Looksha Kevlar

I was going to look at a Necky Looksha IV kevlar sea kayak. I have owned fiberglass sea kayaks but not kevlar. I think Necky makes them out of Carbon now. I was wondering if there are any special issues or concerns with a kevlar Looksha IV. I tend not to drag boats or bang against rocks but any ideas much appreciated. Thank You.

I’ve got one…

– Last Updated: Jun-26-14 9:48 PM EST –

it's a 2002 model, and a very heavy lay-up. She's tough, I don't baby it at all, I'll boof a log in the river to get over it, and she's hit tons of oyster rocks and limestone. She's got the scars to prove it. It's been my favorite boat since I bought it in 2006. Low volume, subject to weather cock, but that's why it has a rudder. I think it handles like a dream. Lots of folks seem to dismiss them, but I'm a huge fan. Very predictable in confused seas, not pushed around by swift river currents. It's a sweet hull.
Just my opinion.