Necky Looksha Sport

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picked one up used from a buddy of mine, found it under an old river (school) bus. In surprisingly good shape, just a teeny tiny bit of oil canning, missing foot pegs and has a heat patch on the stern where the previous owner took it down the new river gorge. Paid 200.00 for it. Plan on taking it to Juniper Springs Florida over Thanksgiving. Tell me about the boat, my first touring kayak- so I'm a newbie when it come to this style of boat, figure I'll call Necky about the foot pegs.

Foot braces
Don’t know anything about the boat, but I do have experience with Necky foot braces as my first boat was a Necky. The left brace broke two weeks after I purchased the boat. The seat, a month later. While Necky did replace them under warranty, it was a PITA.

Their website lists those flimsy foot braces at $50. Do yourself a favor and get quality braces. You can find a pair of top quality Sea-Lect braces for $40 or less.

thanks for the info

Hatch covers

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Depending on the year you should take a look at the hatches, might be two sets per hatch, a plastic outer and a neoprene inner. Make sure you have an inner neoprene cover and it fits snugly on the hatch rim and doesn't have any holes. If it's missing or beyond repair Necky might still carry them. If it's a newer version with big solid plastic covers disregard, was the older boats with the double hatch covers.

You picked a good stream…
to learn your boat on. Juniper will teach you ALL the maneuvering strokes! It’s a blast! I’m heading up there in the morning. Enjoy…


Want a challenge
Park at the take out and paddle up stream.

See if you can make it through the little rapid

jack L

in May it was a two foot drop. Maybe more water now.

good boats
That’s a terrific price. I picked up an older used Looksha Sport for my brother last year (for $600) from an outfitter who was liquidating his fleet It’s a pretty nice kayak (also slightly oilcanned but not enough to affect performance). A little heavy for my taste but he manages it fine and loves the boat. He’s used it for lake and river trips and even in surf off Cape Cod and had a blast with it. I agree on the aftermarket foot braces – the one I bought had them replaced with better models.

Also, if it is an older one, make sure the seat back is properly seated in the groove behind the seat. It can pop out and you don’t realize it when you climb in and wonder why the seat is so danged uncomfortable.

thanks for the info,
I ordered some tracks and pegs from Jackson- good to have friends who can hook me up for about $30.00 I might have to fill and then redrill new holes to get the tracks to fit.

Neoprene inner hatch covers
If you need them, contact Snap Dragon. They’ll make them to order & have loads of patterns for various boats. I had ordered one from Johnson Outdoors (owns Necky now) and it promptly broke. They wouldn’t do anything about it. Snap Dragon are good people & make quality gear.