Necky Looksha V/Looksha 17 and small paddler

We are scheduled to do a kayak tour where the company uses Necky Looksha 17s (which are the same boats as the Necky Looksha V - they just renamed them) as their single kayaks. My partner is small, 5’1" or so, where this boat is made for medium to large paddlers. Trying to figure out if she will be able to reach the rudder pedals. We measured and if the pedals at the closest position are 35" or less from the seat back, she should fit.

Anyone happen to have a Looksha 17 or Looksha V and willing to measure this?


My friend Ray has one. I’ll ask him to measure it and I’ll get back to you.

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OK, I spoke to Ray on the phone. He’s going to take that measurement for you after work tonight.

Ray says he can get them as short as 28"

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Awesome. Thanks to both you and Ray for checking.

At 5’ 3" and 120 lb. my girl friend has no problem in my Looksha 17. Even has “clicks” left on the pegs. She loves paddling my boat, as much as her Eliza!

Thanks for the info!