Necky Manitou 13 & 14

Kayak advice: Necky Manitou 13

post you opinions regarding the Necky Manitou 13 for $639.

Good Price? Any other (better) choices for equivalent type money?

Best on-line shopping?;;, etc…?

Good Deal
Get it, paddle it, don’t look back!

Oak Orchard Canoe

The yhave a demo Manitou for a good price and offer excellent service.

Have had my Manitou for nearly two years now – no regrets whatsover. After I raved about mine, my brother also bought one and loves it as well.

So far have done a lot of lake paddling (fishing and just paddling) and Tampa Bay and close in on the Gulf (2-3 ft swells). My brother has also done a river with easy rapids. Handled and tracked well in all these environments.

I am a beginning kayaker with a Manitou 13. I have had it since last August and really enjoy it. In my opinion, it has everything one would need (and then some) for starting out!

The one thing that really sold me was it’s relatively small (for a rec. boat) width. Makes for easier leans. And I can easily cruise at 4 mph. The hatch cover is a little tricky, but it stays bone dry back there. It even has deck perimeter lines, another thing rare for rec. boats.

I did not like the seat back (too high up) but modified it easily so it rests lower now.

This is all from a beginner, so take that into consideration but I think for the price it is a great boat with lots of features.

Different boats for different purposes.
According to Necky:

The 13 is a recreational boat. It has a single bulkhead and hatch in the rear.

The 14 is a touring boat with two bulkheads and hatches.

Your choice shoud be influenced by the type of paddling you intend to to.


hatch cover
I had trouble with the neoprene hatch cover also. Hard to get on. Other than that, the Manitou is a wonderful boat (comfortable, very quick, maneuverable, etc.), and $639 isn’t a bad deal, depending on where you are. I’ve seen them for more than that price in FL, slightly less in OH.

Get it! I don’t know how you’d do better for the same money.