Necky Manitou 13 Fiberglass

I’m considering purchasing a Necky Manitou 13 Fiberglass kayak. I’ve been told that on this particular model Necky started producing these without a gel coat then switched, which adds about 5 lbs. Thus, the one I’m looking at is 34 lbs, versus the 39 lbs. newer composite they make. I’m a 5’2" female with moderate paddling experience, looking to use the boat mostly on rivers and lakes. Does anyone have any knowledge to the quality of this boat? The lite weight and great price appeal to me, but because I am not an extremely experienced paddler, I’m hesitant to purchase something that may need to be nurtured more than I am able. I’m also thinking that if Necky made such a change, there must have been quite a bit of negative response with this original process/material. Any input?

There’s a guy named Salty who shows
up on here and seems to know a lot about Necky layup.

Personally I hate gelcoat, and would welcome no gelcoat for 4 or 5 pounds weight savings. From what I’ve heard, Necky’s “glass” layups are good.

good choice
well made. Like any kayak it’s worth discovering yours and it’s limits for self-rescue in a safe setting. The number of very light kayaks is pretty small. The 13 would be incredibly stable for you.

for the input. I’m going to see about trying out the boat this week. Seems like a good deal for a great boat.

to hear. Thanks

Have to have something on the outside of the glass to protect the resin from UV. Normally it’s gelcoat and it doesn’t have to be needlessly heavy.

It’s either that or paint and that adds an extra step to the manufacturing process which adds to the cost.

Bill H.