Necky Manitou 13

Is there a Necky rudder system for my Necky Manitou 13 and if so would it be advised to have a dealer install it or is it basically a simple process? I also see items available on the Necky website, but it seems I can not order direct…what’s up! Thanks for any advise.

Manitou rudder???
Just wondering why you were contemplating a rudder for the Manitou?

The Manitou was the very first sit-in kayak that my wife and I rented, which got us hooked on these boats. Even at our totally non-existent skill level, we found NO difficulty in either maintaining a straight course, or turning the boat by simply paddling.

In case I’m being to vague; IMO, you should NOT require a rudder for this boat, rather, you should easily be able to control it by paddling alone, given that you have normal use of all of your limbs.

If that is NOT the case, the Seal Line rudder system may prove to be attractive to you, as it has separate foot rests and rudder-activating pedals. You are on your own for fabricating an attachment point on the stern of the boat, though if you can reach the back end through the rear hatch, you could put a plywood backing plate with blind (“T”) nuts in it to bolt the assembly against.

I don’t recall the exact shape of the end of the stern, but it’s also possible you would have to heat and flatten a small area, which can be a bit dicey.

An alternative to that is to form a mounting bracket out of carbon fiber, as shown on the One Ocean website. This would allow you to shape the bracket to fit the unmodified stern, and simply through-bolt it to inside backing plates, either of tapped aluminum, or plywood with blind nuts installed.

I really wouldn’t mind a Manitou for my less than serious moments (read: When I’m awake!) It’s a great little boat!

Please bear in mind that this advice comes from a rank amateur kayaker who has been known to advocate such radical thinking as paddling with the back side of the blade!

So warned, take it for what its’ worth, and enjoy!

not available or needed…
With proper paddling technique and when working in sea states appropriate to the design of the boat, the Manitou 13 will track just fine as is. If you just started paddling and are having a hard time keeping on track, don’t sweat it; good tracking will come as you move the paddle stroke out of your lower arms (aka “pulling the paddle through the water”) and get a good torso rotation stroke.

On the off-chance that your boat might have a keel line that’s been deformed, you can check it with a line pulled taut at front and back. As long as the string and the keel line are lined up, your boat is fine, so it’s an operator issue that needs to be addressed.

There is a new 14 Manitou that includes a skeg - you could always talk to a dealer about trading in if you want a longer boat with the tracking aid.