Necky Manitou 14 as first kayak

Posted earlier that I was looking at a carolina 14 as my first kayak, have found a necky manitou 14, 1 year old, for around 600. I am a 220 lb 6 foot, 42 year old male. I am very, very comfortable around water and have a good deal of experience in canoes and live on Kentucky Lake.

The necky seems like a pretty good deal. Thoughts?

I have a Necky Santa Cruze 12’ and love it. Your deal sounds good.

Be safe.

Your profile says WW
What class of whitewater, and would you want to take the Manitou into it?

Manitou 14
Is a good boat with two bulkheads and a skeg. I have paddled them and they perform well, if I was in the market for a plastic boat I would buy one. much better than a Carolina.

Would that fit his size?
He’s 6’ and 220 lbs.

Not a great WW boat
but a good first kayak at a decent price. I have kept one in the fleet as a loaner general purpose boat. They are light enough to throw on the truck for a quick trip.

manitou 14 was my first
and I got great use out of it! I really don’t know about used prices, but $600 for year old sounds okay. I fit fine. I’m a bit taller than you, but 40 lbs. lighter – it doesn’t feel like I’m at its upper limit weight-wise, so I would guess you would be okay. Of course, best to try it out – I did. It is a boat that is versatile around here – good on the mountain lakes and on the river (up to class II). Got me pretty well addicted! Truth be told, I now have more specialized boats – 16’ x 22" for the lakes and a “crossover” for the river that I enjoy for its maneuverability and shorter length (Liquid Logic XP10). I still have the Manitou, though it is mostly for guests now.

Good Boat
I too have a Manitou 14 as a second boat. Its a great all around play, rock, loaner whatever boat. At 6’/200 it does not feel tight. Also a good boat to practice rolls in.

Original Manitou
My first boat was the Manitou before numbers were assigned and it was so much fun that it lead to the purchases of 3 more boats. I still have it and probably always will. Everybody paddles it including myself. Great design.

Good all around boat.
If you had to surf with it- it would do fine.

If you had to do 20 mile days with it - it would work so long as you were traveling about 3.5 to 4. It does not want to go fast.

I’d use one in white water, but I’ve used canoes and rafts in white water, so my idea of a boat that easily catches an eddy is different from most kayakers.

I think it would be a good all around boat.

Thanks for the replies
This kayak would be used mostly in the Kentucky/Barkley lake area. I didnt realize my profile said white water. When it comes to boating, of any type, I don’t go into water I am not comfortable with, especially learning a new skill. I have access to a nice calm cove, that feeds to a sometimes quite choppy lake. Can take my time and have fun with it. Have access to whatever I want within 200 miles, except actual coastal waters. No hurry, this is, I am pretty sure, a life hobby. Bang for the buck, I think that necky might be the way to go. The idea of being able to camp overnight one of the lakes many beaches is very attractive. Thanks for all of the input