Necky Manitou II or Advanced Systems Tdm

I am a beginning paddler that needs a recommendation on a tandom Kayak.

I have a crew cab pickup truck and I am not sure if roof carrying a kayak is an option.

I am mainly interested in lake fishing with my wife. The necky Manitou II appears to be a very nice tandom and I am looking for comments from anyone who has experience with that Kayak.

I am also considering the Advanced Systems folding tandom Kayak due to the easy transportation in my truck. However I am concerned about the hassel of inflation and setup time, also the stability while fishing with an inflatable. I am looking for comments on these boats or anything else that people might think I would enjoy using. Thanks

Lake fishing
Why not a canoe? It’ll be easier to load and carry. It will accept all your fishing gear easier. It might be lighter.

Truck Rack

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Don't let hauling issues dictate it either way...go with the one you are most physically comfortable with and explore hauling options. You could look at possibly putting a rack with saddles on as part of your truck bed. Basically, it's just 2 "U" shaped bars, one on each end of the bed, with saddles attached....similar to a pipe or ladder rack on a commercial vehicle. I think they break down and remove fairly easily when not in use....usually with spring loaded pins and rings. Yakima makes a version (in black) and there are some other companies that make them in brushed aluminum. There are also "T" bars that attach to the rear bumper's trailer hitch to support 1 end of a boat...the other end can go on top of the truck cab (properly padded or racked) or on a single "U" bar near the front of the bed. Good luck!

Necky Manitou II
We bought a couple of these this summer for the family. We haven’t had them out much but so far we really like them. We didn’t get the rudders and they don’t seem to need them. The seat positions are very adjustable.


Manitou II
I bought this kayak after MUCH research on tandem kayaks. I have had it out about 10 times or so now, and I and my wife love it. I have had it out solo (briefly), with my wife, and ALL the gang. I usually load it up with me in the second cockpit and my 8 yearold daughter in the kids seat, and my wife in the front cockpit with my 4 year old son sitting in the hull in front of her! It rides very well like this, and we all get to experience the ride together. It tracks extremely well, and is not hard to paddle even when we are all tucked inside. It really still has good speed. It manuavers very well, with & without the rudder. We like to go up slow flowing estueries and explore, so I decided to get the rudder. It was a good decision, as it makes navigating much easier having the rudder, and lets us enjoy the view more. If it gets shallow, it’s just a pull on the lanyards to bring the rudder back up on top of the stern and into its holder. It is quite stable too, both on its primary & secondary plane, but not overly flat that you cant edge it if needed. You wont be dissapointed in this kayak. I do recomend the ruddere no matter how many people talk against them though. If you dont want/need it, you just leave it raised. But its great to have when you DO need it.