Necky Manitou Sport vs. Necky Manitou 13

I’m in the market for a rec/day kayak and I’m down to the Necky Manitou Sport and Manitou 13. I’ll use mostly in slow rivers, small lakes and swamps. The majority of use will be day trips, but I want something that can be loaded for an occassional (and light)overnight trip. Any input is appreciated.

I have had a Manitou 13 for 3 years now and love it. In addition to lakes, swamps and small rivers, I’ve also taken it out on Tampa Bay and in the Gulf in seas as high as a couple of feet and have felt very comfortable with its performance. Tracks well, even in wind, feels stable, etc. No regrets with my purchase. A good all-round, multi-purpose yak.

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Thanks. I saw this thread right after I sent my post. I should have used search first. Thanks for the reply.