Necky manitou

Did not know the boat existed until last Saturday. Dumped my butt in it and found it quite comfy. I paddle mainly small rivers ponds and lakes so the size seems right. Could not find any info on it. Has anyone here tried/owned it, and whats it like?

Thanks Al

P.S $549.00 is that a good price?

Not on their 2003 web site.
The 2004 site is not up yet. So apparently it’s a very new model. I may have seen one at a store in Georgia, but I wasn’t interested in the boat, only in how Necky fixed the footpegs in place when they don’t include a rudder. For the time being, you may be on your own, but Necky has a good reputation for boat design, so if you like the features, go ahead.

not much help
I think that this link contains photos of the Necky Manitou. I did have the email address of the guy who posted the photos, but now I can’t find it. I guess I didn’t put it in my address book. Anyway I got the link from eBay, and I think the guy said that he bought the boat in 2001. It may be a discontinued model. Maybe you can tell from the photos if it is the same boat you are asking about. I never looked at the end of the auction to see how much the boat finally sold for, so I can’t really make a recommendation if that’s a good price or not.

good luck on picking a boat,


I have seen it…

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My brother just bought one for his son (in Houston) at Christmas. I did a google search when I heard what he bought.....and somewhere I finally found a site that had some specs and a picture....didn't save the info, unfortunately.
It is a new boat. I saw it over the Holidays and had a short paddle in it. I found it comfortable, easy to paddle, pleasant tracking, basically nice to use. I have a Prijon Beluga, Prijon Calabria, and Scupper pro these are what I have to compare it to.
Seems like it had a foam column in the front for floatation...had a rear bulkhead with hatch, had a seatback that while comfortable, was taller than on my boats and interfered a bit with the sprayskit/lifejacket. I was able to get it all on....but had the feeling that it was pushing up against the skirt more than I would have wanted for my own use. While the Prijons have noticeable thigh braces....the Necky felt like the underside in the knee area was covered in you would raise your knees and they would come to rest in comfort against the upper deck. I found this to be comfortable and imagined that it would accomodate many sizes of people. It is the first boat for the family to own and I think they will have a great time with it. I took 3 pictures of him in the boat that I will gladly send to you if you send me an email. I will warn you that I am brand new to the digital camera world and I do not know how to make the file small. Some people receive my photos and open them to view at a normal size....other get a picture so big thay can't see it all at once. I guess it depends on your software...........? I don't know what he paid for the boat......

Regarding new Necky Manitou

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Wondering what the significance of this is (in previous post):

".... only in how Necky fixed the footpegs in place when they don't include a rudder"

(I am interested in the new Manitou, but I can't tell if this comment is a plus or a minus :) )

It is a NEW model
I just test-paddled it during a Demo Days event in Florida a couple of weeks ago. I really liked it. The dimensions are 12’10" long and about 24.75" wide I’m told. I used to have a Dagger Cypress that had roughly the same dimensions except the Cypress was 26.5" wide and I can tell you the Manitou felt faster. It’s also very comfortable!

The price I saw in Florida was $659 (no rudder) and a dealer here (in Ohio) is quoting the mid- $500’s, so I’d say the price you mentioned is reasonable.

A guy from Necky e-mailed me the specs and some good photos (top and side) of the Manitou so if you want them, e-mail me and I can forward the info.