necky or riot???


i’m new

i had a paluski but didn’t like it that much.

now i’m looking at a necky manitou (reg 12"10 and the sport 10’11 compaired to the

riot stealth 12’5. The riot is $200.00 more.

I plan on paddling mostly on lake ontario as well as some rivers close by, mostly the lake.

i’m 5’7 160 lbs

please offer your advice



Get a
Bigger boat :slight_smile: At least 14 or 15 feet.


c’mon let’s get some feedback here pleaseeeee.

necky or riot???


perhaps the Riot Voyager?
Okay, since you’re pleading for replies, I’ll make post #3 to the boards.

I think the Riot Voyager (formerly Sun Velocity) would be a better comparison to the Manitou. The Riot Stealth (formerly Sun Flight) is a lower volume craft than either of those two. When I demoed the Voyager and Stealth with my 180 lb. body, there was a big difference between the two. I was much lower in the water in the Stealth. I’d definitely suggest a skirt for the lake, especially so with the Stealth. You’re 20 pounds to the lighter of me so being closer to the water might be a little less noticable. Also consider that on a windy lake the lower profile could help out some. Take into consideration the gear you bring and try to demo boats with the added weight of the gear (including floatation) and drinking water you’d usually have.

I paddle the Manitou some (which I bought used – other wise I think I might have gotten the Voyager/Velocity) mostly on quiet water and like it very much. Stabile, responsive, and quick enough for my lazy style. By the way, these (manitou, stealth, voyager) are boats that are promoted as being “as fast and straight-tracking as 15 footers’ or some such.

I really like the quiet ride of the Manitou; the bow cuts the water silently no matter what speed I’m going at (Our other yak is a skegged Pyrahna Club Master 2 – an older downriver style – which starts gurgling at the bow whenever doing more than headway speed.)

Check the classifieds here and everywhere for good used deals and if that fails, definitely support a good local shop.

I want to stress that I don’t know how suited these would be for big open lakes. I hope p-netters who have used them there when conditions got rough will respond to this thread.

-Chris H.

P.S. I’m 5’10”, 30" inseam, 180 lbs., size 10.5 feet and liked the footpegging on all three, though with the smallest I did angle my feet differently than I normally do.

P.P.S. I added a drain plug to the front of the Manitou.

I can’t help it - i think riot has always been pretty innovative in their boat designs, and I like that.

I don’t live in the East but Ontario looks like a really big lake on the maps and I’ll bet the wind blows there too? I don’t think you’ll be doing much kayaking on it in a 12 ft boat, at least not unless you are a very experienced kayaker. The Manitou is really a rec. boat and when I paddled it, I didn’t feel it would be suitable for larger bodies of water and larger waves. But what do I know :confused:

I paddle a Manitou
and I do it mostly on the bay that I live on, which is not huge, but shallow and windy, so subject to frequent choppiness and waves. I use a skirt most of the time for that reason, and I do occasionally wish for a rudder, but in general, the 'Tou handles the mildly rough stuff pretty well.You’ll want to stuff a float bag up into the bow, since there’s no forward bulkhead.

I’ve been happy with the Manitou because it’s OK on the bay, but short and maneuverable enough for twisty rivers and bayous. But there’s no substitute for paddling one before you buy.

thanks to everyone for the information.

i appreciate it very much.

off to do some test paddles!!