Necky Phantom - Anyone Ever Paddle One?

Hi I am looking at a Necky Phantom, an older model racing kayak on Craigslist, but I can’t find out any information about them. Hardly anything is on the web.

Has anyone ever paddled one? Any comments?

I understand it is a very unstable racing kayak but I wondered does anyone know when they were last made? Comments on quality? Anything like that?

I am looking at it because I am interested in longer, more intense, go fast type paddling outings here around beautiful Port Townsend.

Another question has anyone recently made the transition to a racing kayak from a touring kayak? I paddle a Necky Elaho HV, and have a background in whitewater, but have never paddled this type of boat. Thoughts?

Thanks again! Have Fun on the Water!!! Matt

Necky Phantom
I never paddled the Phantom but you’re right, it’s an old racing design.

You might try contacting Mike Neckar who designed the Phantom when he owned Necky. Abbotsford BC, Canada, tel. 604 504 3739.

Another “old school” go-fast boat
…Is the Inuk, built by both Kirton, and Nelo. I’ve had one for about 3 yrs and paddle it about 90% of the time…very seaworthy as well as fast…(see "This is the sea part 2), Sean Morley chapter. That said, I would never again buy a Nelo anything…ever again…my Inuk had serious QC problems which I had to pay totally out of pocket to have sorted out…the USA Nelo rep’s “customer service” was absolutely non existent.

Thank You
Thank you for the replies! Matt

Not only have I paddled a phantom I still have my phantom. A 19 foot Kevlar and carbon fiber racing boat. About 26 pounds in weight and 18 or 19 inches across at the cockpit. It’s not that unstable. Just takes practice. I did quite a bit of ocean racing back in the 90s with it. Won the Sea trek Alcatraz race in 1997 (woman) I use a wing paddle

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I also know someone that might sell his. It is set up for a taller person - 5’10-6’