Necky Reviews?

I’m searching through both the Buyers Guide & Product Reviews on this site, and Necky Kayaks aren’t listed. Why is that?

yes it is
listed under kayaks you may have been looking under canoes—try again

Necky missing from buyers guide
Of course Necky is missing from the payers guide. They didn’t pay this site for the privilege. It’s not a buyers guide at all since it will not help you select a boat.

I requested a while back that this information about the buyers guide be posted to help visitors make a more informed decision but I guess that request was ignored because it might affect revenue for the site.

It all seems a little unethical if they continue to call it a buyers guide instead of a payers guide.


Well said
I’ve never put much faith into so called “Buyer’s Guides” either. They generally just reflect the businesses that are spending money to advertise with the particular Magazine, Website etc.

Not a lot of objectiveness in most of them.


Operator Error?
Tons of reviews under product reviews…

For My Money…

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...all $0.00 I spend on every year - Brent, Brian et al provide a pretty decent service to the paddling public. The Message Boards provide a great source of discussion and debate, and the Product Reviews done by those who actually use the boats and equipment can help folks determine if these products would be useful to them. The Weekly Articles and Photography sections provide information and entertainment, and ALL of this is free of charge, as are the basic Classified Ads.

Does the site have advertising? Of course it does - that's how the bills get paid and several people earn a living. I, for one, am grateful to them for the excellent services I can avail of without any charge whatsoever.

And I'm just bright enough to figure out, all on my little old lonesome, that not every canoe and kayak produced in the world is listed in the Buyers Guide. If I need info on something not listed, that's why God invented Google, isn't it?

under Product Reviews

I’m an idiot…
I was looking under “Canoes” in the Product Reviews…sigh…

Uhhhh ?

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What's your problem. It's clear the products in the buyers guide pay to be there and that the reviews are from the general public. Somebody has to pay for the site. I think Brent runs a very ethical site. No real issues about money influencing what is said or seen in the public comment areas.

You can read my review of a Necky Jive in the Product Reviews under Kayaks under Necky ... very deceptive eh.

False Advertising
Calling it a buyers guide is false advertising. It’s an advertisers guide. The fact that those people pay for the site and that fact that the site is great otherwise has nothing to do with the issue of misleading a buyer by not telling them that there are other boats out there that are not listed.

Simple change the name from buyers guide to advertisers guide and it will be fine. Call it a buyers guide and leave off some manufacturers and you are misleading the reader into thinking any others are not worth listing (or don’t exist).

That fact that those people pay for the site doesn’t make it okay to mislead people. It’s not okay on TV, not okay in magazines, and it’s not okay on the web.

They can do whatever they want to their site but I would hope that the owners of the site have high standards for themselves and have ethics beyond grade-school kids… or is the advertising money so important that it’s okay to mislead people?


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Wow! Forget your meds today?

not really
by now i would expect that you have experienced enough to know what a buyers guide is and what it isn’t. instead of expecting every magazine ever made about any type of activity to change the name from “buyer’s guide” to “advertiser’s guide”, just do like everyone else and understand that they are a resource to see some of the offerings, but that you might actually have to do some of your own research to find the info you are looking for.

kind of like it drive me crazy when someone asks someone to borrow them some money. they should ask if they will loan them some money, but the meaning is understood and only annoying people like me correct them :slight_smile: