necky rip owners????

just bought a necky rip 10’6". Wondered if anyone has had any experience good or bad.

There were never many Rip users on
this board. You might find some on

Good Beginner River Runner/Surf Boat…

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while it comes back to the paddler, the Rip is one of the first planing bottom, ww designs (some debate about who did it first). Pretty good river runner (no playboating tricks given length and volume) and good for surfing standing waves. Also, a good intro boat for surfing ocean waves for freshwater folks who want to explore some diagonal runs across a waveface (as opposed to butt wiggling and bouncing in the foam pile that happen with the shorter ww playboats).


Past owner of two Rips that were sold to beginning paddle surfers.

Necky Rip???
The topic matter of the posting should have Necky capitalized as well as Rip so as not to suggest that necky is ripping you off and you are inquiring if others being ripped by necky…

I was thinking Stan kicked the bucket.

Same name, different boat
The current Rip is a large-cockpit rec boat. It has nothing in common with the old whitewater boat.

Sounds like you’re talking about …
the current Rip, not the old Rip ww boat? Totally different boats with recycled name. The original Rip was a decent whitewater boat in it’s day (ca. 1995), but it’s 9’ 2". The 10’ 6" Rip is an entry level recreational kayak with a single rear bulkhead and fairly large open cockpit. So, be careful in reading reviews - make sure they apply to the boat you own. The two boats are intended for totally different purposes and market segments.



What Wetzool said …
Original Rip was actually a fun boat in the surf … I guess Necky is running out of names .

I Am Out Of It…
haven’t heard about this “new” Rip. Guess I am not paying enough attentions to SINKs these days…

Way to ruin a boat’s good name/reputation …


Same as Mad River did with the
"Synergy" name.