Necky ROCKS!

Is that a better title?

This is my little attempt to negate the other thread I started when I was ticked off at Necky. I may have been just a tad impulsive in posting that (sorry!). The point is, companies are just like people - imperfect, and they do make mistakes. What separates the good from the bad is how they deal with them. Necky (in particular Necky Dave) went out of their way to make sure I got a new hatch cover, and to straighten out an invoice problem. In fact, I got the hatch cover free! Very nice of them.

I am again a satisfied Necky customer and would definitely recommend them to others.

Glad it got worked out
there’s nothing worse than having no after purchase support. Things go wrong. People loose stuff. That’s life. Any company with respect should take these into consideration. Word of mouth is a powerful advertiser. People listen to their friends, etc. These days, boards like this one are often sources of cheap (free) advertising for companies that stand by their products.

OOH and trust me !!!
They are watching this board :slight_smile:

Good Journey’s


beautiful and detailed craftsmanship
in their glass boats and they are never in a hurry for perfection…

speaking of…what hull’design,type,classification’ are the Necky boats with the cut off back end? Seems like Perception copied (or vice versa) with their Viscaya some years ago???

you know
the squeeky wheel gets the most oil!!

Good of you
to provide this follow-up on your positive outcome.

Its far too easy to rant and rave when you are frustrated, but forget to say something positive when appropriate.

That’s Nice Of Necky…

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And, yeah, there were screw-ups in communications. I am glad it worked out for the person who lost her hatch cover. But, from my perspective, there should have been a charge for the cover and for the shipping. Since Necky seemingly screwed up, the bear the full costs.

I can see it now... Necky will be getting requests for a free hatch covers whenever someone on this board loses one...

To put into perspective about the cost of a cover. It cost about $40-50 to get aftermarket back bands. It cost about $30 dollars to get a set of aftermarket knee thigh braces. The prices didn't include the cost of shipping. So, extrapolate and think what a hatch cover would cost... Can't? Okay, take a look at this page for costs of various assessories:


I think it is particularly excellent of you to post the positive outcome.

I’ve found Necky to be mostly staffed by people who genuinely care about paddling and paddlers. There are a number of real enthusiasts at Necky.

I can confirm from experience, some Necky folks do read and follow threads on


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I see your point about people reading this and thinking they should get free hatch covers (or free whatever). On the other hand, I thought I should post this just because Necky did a nice thing and should get credit for it. (Also, feeling guilty about how hard I was on them, apparently needlessly, because they did eventually make good on their mistakes.)

For the record, I was never angling to get anything free; I had every intention of paying the price we originally discussed, and would be happy to even now (especially so Necky could recoup some of their shipping charges, which I realize are significant). But they graciously waived any charge to me, so I guess I'll just say thanks and try to spread the good word on them.

I read the other thread. They screwed up on you with communications. So, they should bear the cost. It’s worth it for customer relations and PR considerations.

OTOH, I can imagine some folks will “angle” for a freebie for some thing they should be responsible for.

BTW, drill a small hole in the cover and attached a strong dracon or braided nylon line and attach it to your deck line. One of the first things I did with several of my boats with hatch covers. Without an attachment, on a strong windy day, that hatch cover will sail off, perhaps beyond retrieval.


I agree with Sing
Consider the freebie as Necky’s apology for their initial poor performance in handling your situation. This is consistent with many businesses that actually understand and care about customer service.

Since everyone is holding hands and singing Kumbiah now, you could return the favor by donating the originally agreed price to a charity of your choice on behalf of Necky.

Or you could buy yourself a nice lunch.

Cranky with Necky
I guess the squeaky wheel got greased this time.

Sing, I wouldn’t be so quick to say Necky screwed up. I would now like to hear Necky’s side of the story concerning the telephone conversation before I make judgment. Afterall, didn’t we hear that Necky had charged the credit card, when they actually hadn’t?

I doubt Necky will state anything openly in this or any other conflicts with customers. It just not a good idea. Just leave it at that and accept it is good customer relations and PR.


Don’t alienate the customer.

I certainly didn’t mean to mislead anyone… they took my credit card number and said they were charging $19.95, which I agreed to, so I assumed it had been done. The fact that they actually didn’t charge me was, I guess, just nice of them. I never lobbied for a free anything. Just got upset when I THOUGHT I had paid $19.95, then got billed for about $46 on top of that.

Anyway, enough of this. It was a simple mistake, and it was resolved in a more than satisfactory manner. Color me happy.

Donna :slight_smile:

glad to hear it worked out
know hay necky i want a hatch lime green

Would you believe it? I lost my Necky Chronic today. Can I get a replacement? I’ll pay for the shipping. :smiley:


Funny thing…
the one they sent me was lime green! I’ll sell it to you for only $25, plus a shipping & handling charge of $35. How’s that sound? j/k

Donna :slight_smile:

Nice try, Sing!