Necky seat

Have a Lookshaw and the bolts that hold the seat to the boat are beginning to pull through the plastic on the top of the hull. Any thoughts on how to repair besides the obvious 'take out the bolts and put in a big washer/plate?

Maybe somebody else has had this and fixed it.

Haven’t used my Looksha Sport enough
to see that, though I’m surprised because the seat in mine is not a “hanging” seat. My weight isn’t pulling on the seat bolts.

Anyway, I would probably make a small aluminum plate to act as a super washer for the bolts. The aluminum might be 1/8" in thickness. The corners of the aluminum should be rounded, and the edges should be chamfered somewhat.

Is it stepped?
If it’s the same seat type i am thinking of it should be sort of stepped on the hangers on the side and it “should” be in a low enough step so the seat is actually sitting on the bottom of the boat and held in place by the hangers, see if you can move it down a notch or two and that should relieve the stress.

why not
Why not “Take out the bolts and put in big washers or plate”?

Sounds like the perfect fix to me.

sounds like i might make a plate and check the seat for being stepped.

thanks for the info