Necky Seatbacks/Backbands

I have a new Necky Manitou 14 in poly (my third boat) and so far I am very happy with it except for the seatback. For me, it seems to be a little high (even in the lowest setting) and sometimes catches my PFD. The composite version of the same boat has a completely different seat with a much smaller and lower profile backband. Could this seat be ordered and retrofitted into the poly boat? Any ideas what this part would cost to purchase? Also, the NOC site has some NSI aftermarket backbands available for sale. Has anyone ever used one of these to modify their seat?

Easy retro…
Have Necky send you a backband and install it in 10 minutes using the seat hanger attachement bolts. Bungee to the back of the cockpit coaming by drilling two holes through the top flange of the coaming and routing the bungee through that. That will fix your issue. Or, purchase a lifejacked designed for such higher back rec. seats. I know Extrasport makes one, and perhaps others do as well. Have fun with that boat…!

Backband follow up, PFDs
Would the backband meant to go with the composite Manitou be the best and easiest fix? Is it the same one they use in the touring boats like the Chathams or Eskias? I was looking at those seats the other day.

I know which PFD you mean…the Extrasport Solstice with the lower back cut out and replace with mesh…tried one on the other day and liked it. I should have bought it when I had the chance…I came home to try to find a better deal online and now I can’t find the size or color I needed!

That’s the problem with
always chasing “the deal”. Time, fuel, frustration, delays… Besides, what’s wrong with spending a bit more and allowing your local dealer to have a healthy business? Chasing “the deal” has it’s costs. OK enough of that…sorry… Yeah, it’s the same backband I’m pretty sure, and it’s a good one. I think it will solve your problem nicely, but again, the vest may be the easiest answer. Good day.