Necky Sport

I was wondering if any of you kayak experts know this, since it is not listed in the specs. Is a Necky Sport large enough to support a 225 pound person? I don’t want to become an anchor.

Which “Sport” do you have in mind?
There’s a Looksha Sport, a Zoar Sport, maybe some others.

I have a Looksha Sport. The cockpit is easy to enter, but I’ve had to punch the seat sides for my hip bones. I weigh about 220, and the boat sits a bit low, but still edges well. I think I could get enough gear in for one or two overnights, by going ultralight, but I think that would start to cost performance. If you can afford a new plastic boat, you might want to shop around. Newer Neckys and other touring kayaks have more watertight hatches.

Necky Sport?
Or perhaps you meant the Manitou Sport? It is a pretty popular rec boat from Necky.

If you are looking at the Manitou Sport check out the WS Tsunami line. I was very close to getting the Manitou Sport and went with the Tsunami 120 bc it had more features and better overall performance. For your weight the Tsunami 125 or 145 should work I think.

Best advice…test paddle every boat you can get into until you find one you like the fit and feel of.

Good Luck!

Looksha Sport
I am 6’3 220# and my Looksha Sport doesn’t sink when I get in it. It’s mainly used for day trips and I seldom wear a sprayskirt. This is with 15-20# of gear.

Well, right now Necky makes a Zoar
Sport and a Manitou Sport. Of course there are many Necky kayaks on the used boat market, including various models with the “sport” modifier. Looking at the manufacturer information, I feel sure the Manitou Sport can handle 220# and gear, and because the Zoar Sport is a smidge wider than the Looksha Sport, I think it can handle that weight also.

The poster is in Atlanta, so he is welcome to e-mail me if the Looksha Sport is the one that interests him.

Manitou Sport
I am 220 lbs, and my Manitou Sport carries me without any trouble.