Necky Tahsis??????

Has anyone paddled one of these boats? What did you think of it? I am considering one, but have not yet been able to test paddle it.

I would imagine that it would be a very fast and straight tracking boat, and would think that the diamond hull would give it decent maneuverability for an 18 foot boat.

thanks for your help


I test paddled a Tahsis when it first arrived about three years ago.

My recollection is that it tracked well, was fast, but I did not find it maneuverable.

we had one
in our rental fleet for 2 seasons.

reasonably fast and straight tracking. weathercocked a bit but had a killer (Seal Line) rudder system. and like Wilsoj2 says it’s not particularly maneuverable.

we used it for trips and tours as well and it holds a reasonable amount of gear and is fairly snug fitting, a medium size.


Wonderful Boat
I have one in Kevlar with a Smart Track rudder system. I like this better than the Necky titanium rudder. Considering how nicely the boat edges the “Road Warrior” looking necky rudder is overkill. My $.02 only. No day hatch naturally but the recessed covers are a very nice touch. If you like a fast cruising boat that’ll carry a payload then you’ll enjoy this. Spend the extra $ for the ACS layup. Long boat gets heavy for that extra length in the waterline.

Enjoy your new boat and see you on the water,


Titanium rudder
The Necky Titanium rudder is intended for extreme expedition use. It won’t break! You will not snap a blade in surf landings, or deform the rudder in rock garden collisions etc. Also, due to the flexibility of the Ti, the blade will deflect and absorb some shock. The Smart Track is an excellent system as well, and may be more appropriate for general use. But I can tell you that I witnessed some insane torture tests of rudders and the Ti rudder was totally intact and functional while the others were destoyed beyond function. The Aluminum Necky did better than the injection molded plasctic one of the past. It’s all in your use. But in terms of strength that Ti rudder is outstanding. It will never corrode either as Ti is impervious to salt water. The stainless fasteners will rust a bit over time, but are easily replaced.

Tough stuff
I witnessed some impromptu torture tests at EORA and rep demos. You’re absolutely right, on durability can’t imagine tougher. In my neck of the woods though if you’re going to be that tough on your equipment you are in a creeker on a class IV+ spring melt creek and then an 18’ boat is moot point anyway. Great toys all around.

See you on the water,