Necky Tandem

I’ve been looking for a tandem sea kayak for awhile. I have a chance to get a 17.5’ necky tandem for what I think is a decent price. According to ser # it’s a 96 but I haven’t been able to figure the model. It’S 32" Wide, 80 LBS, and made from “polymer”.

Anyone familiar with this? Can you come up with a model name? Google hasn’t found it and it’s not on the Necky website.

Try calling Necky. I called them once

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to get a front hatch kit for my Looksha Sport, and they were coherent and helpful. An email to them might work, too.

I've seen a big, tubby Necky poly tandem used in distance racing events. I think it was called the Arluk, as in just Arluk. I think it was closer to 100 than to 80 pounds, though.

link to curent tandems
Link to heir current tandems is at

The Looksha T is the closest one they have now, but not sure they made that one back in 96.

used to make
Tofino was a tandem. I thought they were longer (20ft or so). Atleast the newer ones were.

Ryan L.

Try looking at some pictures of the Amaruk, might be the boat you have, i believe it was around 18 feet long. It has been renamed to the Looksha T to fit the name with the rest of their line.

Yup, Amaruk was the heavy plastic tandem. Seen them selling for $600 - $1200.

Probably Amuruk
They’re built like a tank, weigh about 100lbs. Personally I’m not a fan.

The material in poly boats has a lifespan of 10-15 years, so a '96 model may be on it’s last legs, so to speak.

Manitou II ?
Search for one and see if it matches yours.

Bought one used last summer for myself and my daughter to paddle. We really like it except for the weight. A cart really helps move it around.

Don’t actually have boat yet
Boat is up for sale half way between home and where I’m working, I plan to pick it up on the way home.

It’s not the manitou, both cockpits are the same size.

It’s not any of the boats currently on Necky’s site though it looks sililiar to the Amaruk but the dimensions, as given to me, don’t match any of them including the Amaruk, though I would not be surprised if the models have changed.

Sent an e-mail to Necky, let’s see how anxious they are to support the resale of an old kayak.

Good point about the age of the boat but I have a specific trip in mind I want to do this summer that I would like a tandem for and don’t have a lot to choose from other than the big single cockpit tandems which won’t do. Boat is shorter and wider than I wanted but the reality is a better boat will cost more than double and is not something I would be using a whole lot.

I know there’s a bunch of silverbacks here, any of you have a 17’ Necky tandem in the in the before time in the long, long ago?