Necky Tesla (not NM) -- too big?

Greetings all,

In the process of searching for a Sea Kayak on the used market…

There is a Necky Telsa 17’ for sale about 80 miles from me. Assuming this kayak has no major flaws - would it be a good fit for me? I am 5’6", weight varies from 145-175.

From some of the reviews it seems it was ideal for a larger paddler, alternatively some reviews claim its good for small/medium paddlers as well?

For those familiar with the Necky Tesla, what was the difference between this and the Tesla NM - just a bit of additional length and recessed tie downs?

It appears the ideal Sea Kayak length is 17’+?, at least according to a local paddling board:

If this is true, maybe I am just getting unlucky and finding all the 17’ kayaks in the used market near me are for larger paddlers?


Get better info
I wouldn’t put much stock in the comments on that local board you linked to - most of it is old ‘common wisdom’ which is mostly nonsense. A kayak doesn’t have to be 17+ feet and rudderless to surf, nor is it true that a proper sea kayak is 16-18 ft long. There are capable boats in a range of sizes, from 12 or 13 ft up. There’s a lot more useful info on the newbie threads here on p-net. I think the reviews have it right, and the Tesla is probably too big for you.

I had a Tesla
I had a Tesla a few years back.

I am #210 and 6’1". The kayak has a lot of volume and it was a handful in windy conditions when on day paddles (no load), great for 2 week strips tho.

Ah, one thing: despite having a large cockpit the thigh braces were low and I had trouble getting my legs under them. In that respect I think it would best somebody with average legs (mine are big from riding/skiing)

Well built kayak otherwise, good lay-up.

Too big
Unless you plan on carrying 100lbs regularly

Thanks All
Thank you all,

I found a few more reviews, and a mention on a big n’ tall site that the Tesla was ideal for a paddler with such a frame…oh well, in no real rush, I’ll enjoy my 12.5 Acadia in the intercostals for now. :slight_smile:

Thanks again!